3 Latest Web Application Development Trends for 2020-21?


Today with the advent of a huge number of technological advancements, happening almost every day. It is undeniable that a huge number of web development trends are being created, gradually. This is more prevalent in the present times because we all live in a fast-paced technological world. A world that is changing every moment, as new technologies get introduced to the people.

This the main reason why it is crucial for you to think about the possibly upcoming trends, rather than just being concerned about the already existing ones. As a business owner, it is your responsibility that you are always alert about the latest web application development trends in 2020, as this is the only way in which you can stay relevant in the market.

However, this question might be hitting the walls of your head, that is it essential for large or small-scale companies to have a website of their own, with the existing web trends 2019 and web application development services 2020, to become successful. The following statistics will help you enlighten yourself about the same.

According to a very recent survey, around 77% of the total number of digital agencies are constantly identifying a weak UI as one of the most significant weaknesses. The best example of this is an online shopping website. In the current scenario, people are hugely dependant on online shopping to meet their daily needs and company owners all around the world, who deal with online shopping are trying their best to stay ahead of their competition.

This article deals with the latest and top web development trends in 2020- 2021. The purpose of this article is to inform you about the same trends in detail so that anyhow you do not fall behind in this race of chasing technology and success. The following is a list of some of the most popular web development trends, in 2020-21.

The Most Recent Web Application Development Trends

  • Chatbots and AI

This is definitely one of the most significant among the latest trends in web development, which exist at the present time, because today, even a consumer makes some kind of a transaction from your website, then after that, the customer service is the part, during which a consumer creates an impression about your website and about your company as well.

Customer service is extremely crucial because it decides the fate of your business. For instance, if you are an owner of a retail website, it is natural that people will buy stuff from your website, and after making a purchase, he might have an issue with his purchase, so it is natural that he will want to communicate with an executive so that he can solve the query of the customer.

This is where a chatbot or use of AI will come in extremely handy, as a person will not be available 24*7. A human representative will also not be able to respond as quickly and accurately as a chatbot can.

Another very crucial instance, that will help you understand the importance of chatbots, is when a very important client visits your official website after having a conversation with you in a meeting. Now, this particular client is extremely important for your business, so you would definitely want all his queries about your business to be answered.

You can make use of AI and embed a chatbot on the very first page of your website, which will have the ability to answer all the questions your client has. The biggest advantage of this is that it will leave a good impression on your client.

A popular example of the use of this technology is eBay making, use of Facebook Messenger to communicate with its customers.

  • Motion UI

This trend basically deals with the first and primary pages of your website. This is the page of your website that you want users and consumers to see first when they visit your website the first time. It is that part of your webpage that decides how smoothly your website runs. It also dictates how smoothly particular elements on your website runs.

As the owner of a web development company, it is your responsibility to make sure that users and potential clients are able to reach a particular section of your website, without any glitch or hassle. Motion UI helps you to maintain the simplicity of your website.

According to popular statistics, the consumers of today are tired of GLFs and advertisements of any kind, which is why the developers all around the world are completely changing their methods of developing a UI. They are making sure that a particular webpage is free from things that consumers do not want, or at least have less of it.

  • Videos and digital backgrounds

This is another very significant one of the available web development trends 2020-20211, and it also helps the clients in choosing the right web application development company for their requirements. Today it has become a trend, that official websites are filled with videos and moving backgrounds.

These videos generally consist of important information about the company and today, consumers and potential clients prefer to watch about your company rather than read about it.

To cater to these trends, developers are continuously developing websites in such a way, that it shows the video including information about the company, the moment someone opens the website.

According to statistics, video content on a website has the ability to boost sales of a company by 65% to 85%. It is also predicted that in the future every website will consist of the video descriptions.


This article focuses on informing you about the top web development trends 2020-2021 and to enrich your knowledge about the benefits of it so that you can incorporate these changes whenever you think about web application development or website development.

Keeping up with the trends will help you stay ahead of your competitors. One additional thing you can do to take full advantage of these new trends is to invest money in a capable web development company so that they can provide you with top-notch web development services.