Apple water bottle priced at Rs. 4600; keep yourself healthy, check specs


After making its users look cool with its latest gadgets, now Apple wants to keep them cool and healthy this summer with the new Apple smart water bottle. Check out the Apple water bottle price and specs.

Apple smart water bottle price and specification: In the past, Apple was known for its quirky experiments and innovative products which were often launched way ahead of their time. For example, Apple came up with the first mainstream digital camera under $1000 called Apple QuickTake long way back. But since the 90s, the Cupertino-based tech giant found its identity in PC, laptops and iPhones and since then it has refrained from experimenting outside of its comfort zone. However, that changed last year when it unveiled its first Polishing Cloth. And keeping the trend going, now it has come out withteh new Apple smart water bottle. The Apple water bottle is the latest tech marvel to come out of the Apple factories and it claims the product will change the hydration game for people. So, what is the Apple water bottle price and what smart features does it come with? Read on to find out.

The new Apple smart water bottle has been named HidrateSpark. It comes in two variants of HidrateSpark Pro and HidrateSpark Pro STEEL. The STEEL variant is available in black and gray colors whereas the Pro variant will be available in red, green and blue color options. So far, the products are only available for the US audience.

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Apple smart water bottle price and specification

The Apple smart water bottle price starts from $59.95, which would roughly translate to Rs. 4,600 in India. While that might be an astounding price to pay for even a smart water bottle, it was not really surprising after the Apple Polishing Cloth was priced at Rs. 1,900. However, by spending almost Rs. 5,000, you also get to enjoy its smart features which a normal water bottle cannot provide you. Also, remember that in the age of Covid, it is all about staying healthy.

The Apple water bottle comes with a unique feature of monitoring your daily intake of water or fluid. Yes, the Apple smart water bottle will keep a track of the amount of water you drink in a day. It will also sync up with your Apple Health app and warn you in case you are not meeting the daily water target. The bottle has LED sensors at the bottom which sense the water intake and alert Apple Health via Bluetooth. The Apple bottle can also keep water drinks cold for up to 24 hours.

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