Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022: PM Modi inaugurates India’s biggest drone festival in Delhi


Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022: PM Modi inaugurated India’s biggest drone festival held in Delhi today. He stated that the use of drones will increase in various sectors including defense and disaster management.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi launched 150 remote pilot certificates while inaugurating India’s biggest drone festival, Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022, in Delhi’s Pragati Maidan on Friday, May 27. He also noted that the “enthusiasm being seen in India regarding drone technology is amazing” and said that this will result in the drone industry coming out as a “sector of employment generation in India”. The two-day Drone Mahotsav is being held between May 27-28. The event started at 10 AM today and will conclude tomorrow evening.

At the event, PM Modi said, “The enthusiasm that is being seen in India regarding drone technology is amazing. This energy is visible, it is a reflection of the quantum jump in the drone service and drone-based industry in India. It shows the potential of an emerging large sector of employment generation in India”.

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He further added, “Technology has paved the way to ensure the last-mile delivery of govt schemes. Use of drones will increase in the defense sector & disaster management”. PM Modi also spent time interacting with kisan drone pilots and saw the open-air drone demonstrations in the Bharat Drone Mahostsav 2022.

Bharat Drobne Mahotsav 2022: PM Modi inaugurates the event

During his address, PM Modi also shared his experience with drones. He said, “Every month, I organize a Pragati meeting with all the top State government officials. We all sit in front of our screens and discuss a wide range of topics. And I request them to show me a live demonstration of all the ongoing projects using drones. This helps me make better decisions. I was regularly monitoring the Kedarnath redevelopment project through the drones in every review meeting. The drones made these initiatives possible”.

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Check out the video of this speech below:

Union Minister Jyotiraditya M. Scindia also addressed the Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022 and shared his views on the importance of drones in multiple sectors. He said, “Drone is an idea whose time has come in India. “Technology first”, but more important is “People first”, says PM. While a drone can help security forces in maintaining security, it can also help farmers. We’ve brought new drone rules and released a drone space map”.

He also added that the drone industry in India will reach Rs. 15,000 crore turnover by the year 2026 citing that there are 270 drone startups operating in India today.

It was earlier reported that Bharat Drone Mahotsav 2022, India’s biggest drone festival was being attended by more than 1,600 delegates including government officials, diplomats, armed forces, PSUs, private companies and drone startups. In the course of two days, more than 70 exhibitors will showcase different use cases of drones.

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