Conquer your fear of maths! Check out these top 5 learning apps-Khan Academy to Creta Class



Did you know that many students struggle with maths and English? In fact, NCERT studies shows that over 30% of class 3 students have limited maths skills, and about 11% lack basic knowledge in this subject. It’s crucial for your kids to develop these skills because they form the foundation of their education and have a lasting impact on their future, according to a Hindustan Times report.

But don’t worry, there’s a solution! You can help your children excel in maths and English by using online learning apps like Byjus, Vedantu, Khan Academy, Creta Class etc. These apps offer effective ways to learn both subjects at the same time.

Also, many children face difficulties in maths because they don’t have a strong grasp of English. That’s where online learning apps come in. They provide high-quality education to students aged 3 to 8 through engaging activities and a team of experts. These professionals not only teach maths but also help kids improve their English skills.

Learning apps are the best way to learn maths and English. A joint survey by NCERT and Union Ministry of Education reveals that 15% of students find it challenging to answer elementary-level questions, and 30% have limited knowledge of English. Traditional teaching methods in schools might not be enough to address these issues. However, app-based learning can make a real difference. These apps convey concepts effortlessly, reducing the cognitive load on students.

By using these learning apps, students can practise thousands of entertaining animated exercises and improve their maths and English skills. The increasing availability of smartphones in rural India (61% of people have access to them) provides a fantastic opportunity for parents to find the best online lessons for their kids. Video-based learning, offered by many apps, appeals to young learners’ senses and provides engaging examples.

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App-based learning is the most effective and successful method for learning math and English. Professors with exceptional knowledge and expertise have developed these curricula and lessons. Learning apps offer instant support, ensuring that students can get their questions answered promptly.

So, how can you use an app to quickly learn maths and English?

One-on-one instruction is a powerful method. Apps offer one-on-one sessions with highly qualified instructors at reasonable prices. Students can learn at their own pace, ask questions, and overcome challenges more easily. Using learning apps as a platform, your kids can learn maths and English quickly and effectively. It’s time to embrace this efficient and distinctive way of learning!


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