Disinfection Spray Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters


As coronavirus keeps on spreading and increasing day by day the world becomes more vulnerable to protect each other. They are taking all possible measures for Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) guided by WHO and China where they actually fought and overcome the virus already.

When Coronavirus hits and becomes a national disaster for China they lock down the whole city Wuhan of around 20 million people to save other cities from the virus. They started supplying medical aids to the hospitals as well as they built a complete hospital for 12000 patients within 10 days.

Many countries are learning ways to keep safe people from the virus but it’s the biggest disaster for the world, all the health system getting failed and they are lacking basic medical supplies such as mask, PPE, kits to wear so as ventilators which are really short in numbers as per the world need it now. So, it is important to protect yourself and take all precautions. Few of them include social distancing, sanitizing your hands, disinfectant Spray Services for the home, and wearing masks.

Different countries reacting differently some went for sudden lockdowns some took time to understand the situations and facing a lot of difficulties now. High rates of death are reported and are increasing due to a lack of medical supplies. Even in America, it’s getting really tough for them to protect their people from the virus and fight against the virus.

According to WHO social distancing would play a vital role to stop the Pandemic to spread more and risk more lives around the world. As the fewer people interact socially the low the graph, the high risk would be crowds and other gatherings. So countries are going for lockdown cities but it’s also increasing other issues like the third world countries facing huge numbers increased in poverty and hunger.

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Different countries are trying different solutions to help poor people in countries to provide the basic needs like food and medical aid.

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The Pakistan Prime Minister took huge steps before going to lock down the country as he knew 25% of people live below the poverty line and 20% to 25% get hit by anything that would go below the poverty line. Pakistan is already facing crunch time economic situations as the whole country is being shut down and lack of unemployment increasing rapidly. For this huge number, the PM of Pakistan bails out packages and aid for the poor daily wagers in Pakistan.

He also took the revolutionary step to reach small towns and less privileged areas to provide them food and other basic needs. PM Corona Tigers Relief force has already registered over 0.8 million youth for this program through which ration (food) will be provided among needy ones. These people will also spread awareness about the coronavirus, self-isolation, and being quarantined.

Many countries are announcing bailout packages to fight the coronavirus pandemic. The world now realizes they spent huge investments in making weapons and missiles and they are being short of hospitals and ventilators. Now the big names of vehicle companies making medical supplies as the world are in need.

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