Elon Musk announces Picture-in–Picture, forward and back buttons for Twitter



Microblogging platform Twitter is all set to get several new features next week, owner and former CEO Elon Musk revealed recently. The new features include Picture-in-Picture mode as well as 15-second forward and back buttons for the Twitter media player. Musk revealed these features while responding to a Twitter user’s comment, asking for the same. This announcement comes after Musk previously revealed 2 features, DM Replies and a new Emoji Picker, which arrived on May 10.

New features

A Twitter user going by @jtdaugh tweeted, “@elonmusk please add 15-second forward and back seek buttons while watching”. Musk, replying to this tweet, revealed, “Coming next week, along with pic in pic, so you can watch while scrolling”.

For the unaware, the Picture-in-Picture mode allows you to watch the media content on a small floating window, freeing up the rest of your screen so that you can keep an eye on other tasks. This feature had already been present on platforms like YouTube but will soon be available on Twitter as well. Along with PiP, 15-second forward and back buttons are also coming to the microblogging platform, allowing users to watch and skip media content with ease.

After this announcement, several other Twitter users also requested other features. One user, going by as @Erdayastronaut wrote below Musk’s reply, “Please make it so when opening twitter on iOS it doesn’t mute / pause whatever was playing in other apps. It keeps pausing my music / video / podcast and it’s very annoying. It didn’t used to do this.” While another user thanked Musk for these nifty features, “Thanks. Exactly this feature is one I too want and thought was lacking.”

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On May 10, along with DM Replies and a new Emoji Picker, Musk also announced that Twitter will be getting voice and video chat. These will enable people to talk to anyone anywhere in the world without exchanging their phone numbers.


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