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Project Seed is a gaming ecosystem that functions with multi-chain capabilities; these capabilities include the DAO, Game, Growth Program, E-sport, and GameFi. Basically, Project Seed intends to pave the way for the blockchain technology to become a widely used innovation, and it hopes to achieve that by creating an immersive gaming experience for players, such that they will also have financial power that will make it possible and seamless to earn while playing. One of the interesting games on the platform is the Outland Odyssey; it has an interesting storyline, and the game play will have players enjoying every moment they spend in the virtual world. Another beautiful feature of the Outland Odyssey game is the graphics. Project Seed intends to release more games in the near future.

The SHILL Token

As with different blockchain-based systems, there is a token that is used to facilitate the functionality of the Project Seed ecosystem, and it is referred to as the SHILL token. This utility token is used for the following purposes:

The token can be used to perform different trade functions in-game. Furthermore, the players can use the token to have their dungeons created. When a dungeon is created, other players can play (perform yield farming) and enjoy its profitability.

The platform has a staking system that is locked, and it is created to reward players when they stake their tokens for long term investments. Furthermore, such investments help the circulation of the token by mitigating supply shock, with the aid of distributed vesting systems. When a player stakes the SHILL token, it makes them eligible to get the limited NFTs that will get dropped by the system periodically.

One of the cool features of the gaming platform is that players will be able to mint NFTs simply by burning SHILL tokens.

The Ecosystem

The functionality of the Project Seed ecosystem is totally dependent on player activities and contributions. It is the players’ responsibility to govern the ecosystem by proposing or voting new plans for the platform. The platform also intends to provide game apps that are entirely decentralized and profitable; a game where the players are saddled with the responsibility of advancing the game. The DAO governance is made possible by being a holder of the SHILL token.

A player can decide to upgrade the NFTs they posses in order to make its skills and statistics better; and that will be achievable by burning their SHILL tokens.

Outland Odyssey is the pioneer game on the Project Seed platform, and Zeds are mythical creatures created to assist the players on their quest. By using the SHILL token, players can make their Zeds perform better by giving them upgrades and enhancements.

Some priority and privilege is given to merchants that stake their SHILL tokens. The benefits include getting more opportunities to place their products on the NFT marketplace, at discounted costs. Furthermore, the merchants can use their SHILL tokens to buy advert spaces on the NFT marketplace, and the merchants will have their products promoted on the front page of the marketplace.

The shill token is the means of payment for items gotten at the NFT marketplace. It is important to note that there are two types of NFT marketplaces on the platform; one was created to facilitate seamless rental of NFTs, while the other is for trading NFTs.

There will be other games later, but away from Outland Odyssey, the SHILL token will be interoperable and be used on other Project Seed based ecosystems.

The IDO Platforms

It has been announced that Project Seed has made plans to launch its public token sale on two IDOs:

Solanium (SPL)

  • Price: $0.025
  • Hard Cap: $150,000
  • Lock Up: 100%
  • Tokens to be sold: 6,000,000

If you want to take part in Solanium, you would need SLIM tokens for staking. Beginning with 100 SLIM you will get a lottery ticket. Starting from 10,000 SLIM, you will get a guaranteed allocation. The highest tier of Solanium is 50,000 SLIM. Learn more about their tiers in the following blog post.

Gamefi (BSC)

  • Price: $0.025
  • Hard Cap: $100,000
  • Lock Up: 100%
  • Tokens to be sold: 4,000,000

GameFi tiers are also based on the amount of tokens that you stake. Starting from 20 $GAFI and finishing with 500 $GAFI, you can take part in a lottery. The higher your tier, the more you are allowed to invest if you win the draw. GameFi also has a Legendary tier where the top 12 stakers will get a guaranteed allocation. You can get more information about tiers in the related article.

Gamestarter (BSC)

  • Price: $0.025
  • Hard Cap: $50,000
  • Lockup: 100%
  • Tokens to be sold: 2,000,000

Tier system of Gamestarter is based on the amount of tokens that you are holding. The more $GAME you stake, the more allocation you are going to get. Levels of Gamestarter have a huge variety, starting from 750 $GAME for the lowest tier and finishing with 150,000 $GAME tokens for the highest tier. Starting from 2500 $GAME, stakers will get a guaranteed allocation, which is multiplied in higher tiers. You can take a look at all tiers and requirements by following this link.

The IDOs are expected to happen on 2nd November, 2021 for Solanium, and 9th November, 2021 for Gamefi. This is the platform’s first public token sale, and it comes after successful private sales that ended a while ago.

NFT Usage

Project Seed was created as a way to encourage players to become better acquainted with NFTs and play-to-earn games. Since the introduction of NFTs, the crypto space has in an excited state, over the profitability of NFTs, and Project Seed is bringing that profitability to players through its play-to-earn game, as well as the NFT marketplace. Players can get rewarded for different activities including the enhancement of NFTs, as well as their sale in-game, or traded on Project Seed’s NFT marketplace. One of the reasons why NFTs are adopted in Project Seed, is to provide benefits to the NFT holders who will be compensated for being the original owners of the NFTs. It may interest you to know that the NFTs created on the Project Seed platform will be used on different games within the ecosystem, and that will promote interoperability, and also strengthen the growth of the ecosystem.

The NFT marketplace was created to facilitate seamless transactions both in the game and on the marketplace. Players do not have to leave the gaming environment if they want to perform activities like selling, buying, lending, or renting NFTs while playing the game and that brings some flexibility to the game play.

After having a private sale of the SHILL token, Project Seed’s IDO will be a walk in the park, and there are amazing plans to upgrade and become a better platform for everyone, and it is quite interesting to know that the platform has plans to make more games available in the near future. With more games and the interoperability of the SHILL token and NFTs, the Project Seed ecosystem will become better and stronger, with so many people performing different activities in-game and on the NFT marketplace.

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