Gold and Silver Price Today: Check rates in top 5 Indian cities


The price of gold has increased over the day in the country. According to Goodreturns website, the price of 10 gms of 22 carat gold now stands at 47,350, up from Monday’s price which stood at 46,850 per 10 grammes. On the other hand, the price of eight grammes of 22 carat gold is 37,880, up by 400.

The prices of 24 carat gold has also gone up in the past one day. On Tuesday, the price of 10 grammes of gold went up by 550 to 51,660. Similarly, eight grammes of 24 carat gold was priced at 41,328 on Tuesday as per Goodreturns.

The price of gold is dependant on the markets. If the rupee slides against the dollar, then the gold prices in India per gram become expensive. The international factors include volatile policies, slowing economic growth and the strength of US dollar.

Not just gold, the prices of silver has gone up in the past one day. According to Goodreturns, 10 grammes of silver cost 618 on Tuesday. On the other hand, 100 gms of silver cost 6,180.

Here are the gold and silver prices of top Indian cities on Tuesday.

NEW DELHI 47,500 618
MUMBAI 47,350 618
KOLKATA 47,350 618
CHENNAI 47,750 667
BENGALURU 47,400 667

On September 1, the price of 22k gold stood at 46,500. The price of 24K gold stood at 50,730. The 22k gold achieved the highest rate of 46,900 on September 5, while 24k of gold was priced at 51,160 on the same day. Last month, gold had a lowest monthly price of 45,800 for 22k and 49,960 for 24k on September 16.

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