Gold and silver prices today: Check rates in your city on October 15


Gold prices in India witnessed a marginal dip on October 15, 2022. According to the website Goodreturns, eight grammes of 22k gold was worth 36,960 while the price of 24k gold stood at 40,320.

In the national capital, the cost of 22k gold stood at 46,350 per 10 gms while that of 24k gold was at 50,500. In India’s financial capital, the price of 22k and 24k gold stood at 46,200 per 10 gms and 50,400 per 10 gms. In Chennai, the price of 22k and 24k gold stood at 46,900 per 10 gms and 51,160 per 10 gms.

The price of gold is determined by several factors including the strength of rupee against US dollars. If the dollar is stronger, gold will be expensive. The gold prices are also dependent on economic growth and the international market.

As far as silver is concerned, the price of one gramme of the precious metal costs 55.30 as per Goodreturns website. The price of silver on Saturday was 2 less than Friday’s rate.

In Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Bengaluru, the price of silver stood at 553 per 10 gms. In Chennai, 10 gms of silver cost 605.

Here are the gold and silver prices of top Indian cities on Saturday, October 15, 2022.

DELHI 46,350 553
MUMBAI 46,200 553
KOLKATA 46,200 553
BENGALURU 46,250 553
CHENNAI 46,900 605

The price of silver is determined by the rate of the precious metal in the international market. It also depends on the currency movement of rupee against US dollar.

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