Historic! India’s first ever 5G call; Watch this national milestone


India reached a major milestone in the telecom space as the nation’s first ever 5G call was successfully made at the IIT-Madras campus. Watch this historic moment.

Yesterday, May 19th, India made a huge technological breakthrough in the telecom space as the country’s first ever 5G call was successfully tested from the campus of IIT-Madras. Union Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw inaugurated the deployment of the 5G network in India with a voice and video call over 5G. This moment marks a historic moment for the nation when after years of deliberation, India entered the age of 5G. Watch this moment below. Also read: India’s own 5G stack to be ready by Sept-Oct: Ashwini Vaishaw

Vaishnaw took to Twitter to congratulate the citizens of the nation for this big milestone. He wrote, “Aatmanirbhar 5G! Successfully tested 5G call at IIT Madras. Entire end to end network is designed and developed in India”. He also posted the video of the first 5G call ever made in india. In the video, he could be heard saying, “This is the realization of the honorable Prime Minister’s vision. His vision is to have our own 4G, 5G technology stack developed in India, made in India and made for the world. We have to win the world with this entire technology stack”.

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The first ever 5G call in India made at IIT-Madras

This moment came after PM Narendra Modi launched a 5G test bed on May 17 which was developed by 8 institutes of India as a multi-institute collaborative project. The project was led by IIT-Madras. Just two days after the launch, the project was able to test out the first call on the fastest network in the world. It is expected that the Department of Telecommunications will move the auction proposal of 5G spectrum to the Union Cabinet next week. Also read: PM Narendra Modi wants to roll out 6G in India by THIS date; check now

You can check out this wonderful moment below.

According to the Prime Minister’s Office (PMO), the 5G test bed project took Rs. 220 crores to develop. It will now enable a supportive ecosystem for the Indian tech industry and startups in validating their products, prototypes, solutions and algorithms in 5G and next-generation technologies.

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