How AMDSOL gets named as the top EHR Organization


Revenue Report:

Electronic health record systems are getting used to store data for convenience. According to an estimate, there are over 500 vendors that offer products.

And according to a report by market research firm Business Intelligence (2019), this market will reach $38.3 billion in the year 2025. And the current revenue is about 30 billion USD global.

Many electronic health record systems are making their name in the market because of the best services and convenience that they are providing to patients and doctors.


On a result, everything has to be taken care of, from scheduling arrangements to final charge. It is difficult to manage an error-free record of any patient independently with this expanded workflow. That is why ADMSol has come up with a solution that is readily accessible and efficient to provide you with the support of convenient and better quality treatment for your specialty. It is a recognized software suite with enhanced functionality and minimized errors that manages the experience of a patient.

The firm AMDSol gives its customers the best facilities for electronic health record services. They increase health care quality, effectiveness, and productivity.

Difference between EMR, EHR, and PHR:

Many people get confused when it comes to electronic health records, electronic medical records, and electronic personal records. They think that these terms are the same, but they have variations. We are going to discuss what the difference between them is.

PHR is an abbreviation of the personal health record. It is managed and controlled by the patient. It is also an electronic application that is examined by the healthcare professional you are seeing.

EHR and EMR are both digitally recorded data. But the main difference is, the electronic medical record remains with only one doctor. If you change your physician, then you cannot take the file with you. When you consult a physician, the file gets stored in the doctor’s office system.

The electronic health record does get viewed by other physicians or healthcare professionals. It is very beneficial because you can have all of your test results, lab reports, and radiology images, X-ray result, and you do not have to retake the medical examination tests.

The electronic health record and personal health record proves to be more accessible, and it saves so much time for both patients and doctors.

Why are Electronic Health Records getting Popularity all Around the World?

Over 500 vendors are offering electronic health-related products in the market. The revenue is increasing with each year, and some EHR organizationsare getting more noticed than other companies. The reason is its good performance and high-grade services.

High Level of Security for Electronic Health Record Components:

The very first flaw in paper documents is that they are not secured. Anyone can get access to reports and data files. The paperwork contains a lot of information about patients, which even includes their confidential data. It includes name, address, age, and medical billing information.

But when your information is secured with an electronic file and gets converted into digital form. Then you and your data are safe. Only doctors and hospital staff can get access to digitized files, and doctors can use these files to get to know about the previous medical history of a patient.

Electronic health records have revolutionized the way hospitals worked in the past. Now, technology has taken over everything, which brings convenience to individuals.

The Flexibility of Patient Record System:

Whenever a patient goes through a series of tests, and when patients get prescribed by some other medicine. That information about patients needs to be stored to avoid confusion and inconvenience.

But when you do not have the electronic system, then it can be a difficult task. You would need to prepare a new document file, and it would take a lot of time and effort. And the time that you just lost. You could have used it to check other patients.

When you have electronic health services, then your assignment becomes easy. All you have to do is to type the data, and it would remain there forever. If you entered the wrong data or charts are faulty, then no worries because you can change them accordingly.

Data can be Accessed Anytime, Anywhere:

Some patients do not get consultation services from one doctor. They had to change their physicians, which leads to inconvenience. Paper-based documents can be altered or replaced. Patients can forget where they put their medical files.

With the electronic service system, the file can get shared among doctors. Due to this, patients do not have to go through a series of tests again and again. It saves the time, effort, and money of patients and also the doctors.

Backup of Data Files:

A natural disaster can happen anytime. That is why many electronic health record services provide hospitals with a backup system. In this way, your information regarding your clients, staff, or insurance companies can stay safe and secure. 

Suppose your system got hacked, and they demand money for you to get those files back. When you have a backup-system and records, you would not bother anything and can resume your business as nothing happened.

A backup of files is also vital when you are shifting your workplace and EHR organizations can help you in this task. Sometimes you cannot move all the information, or sometimes you can lose your data while sharing. These problems that we mentioned above are not just hypothetical. These types of cases happen and can lead to a disaster.

Therefore choose a company that can provide you with the best components of electronic health records. AMD SOL is named as a top electronic health record organization because it has the best services and qualified staff. So, update your electronic system and choose the best organizations for your health and future.