How Do You Wash Curtains Without Taking Them Down?


The windows are a part of every house structure. It serves as a source of protection, air ventilation, and a barrier from the outside world. The rays coming from the sun’s first encounter, the windows of the house. The glass windows stop them from entering and cause any harm to living beings. They are thus also called guards.

These windows are further covered by hangings or drapes. It includes curtains, droppings, blinds, carpets, etc. It all depends on your choice and requirement. Some likes fancy curtains, others choose the woolen type whereas some are liking blinds more.

How to clean curtains while hanging?

These all are protecting the source and keep us secure from the outer universe. Privacy is a prime factor for all families. Everyone is possessive about their privacy issues. The curtains are good for keeping the privacy intact. The home and it’s every item get dusty and dirty. Hence, curtain cleaning is also not ignorable. It also demands care and nattiness.

This helps in maintaining the house atmosphere clean, tidy, and well -maintained. Otherwise, if keep on lingering the cleaning activities for households, you may suffer from bad air and many allergic reactions. This all happens due to your negligence and laziness.

How to dry clean curtains at home?

Therefore, an energetic and active lifestyle keeps you healthy and safe. For that, you must be strong physically and have mental stability. This health stability and fitness are co-related with a tidy lifestyle.

Curtain keeping up

Curtain maintenance is highly important and bears significance. It can’t be ignored. There are many ways to keep up your curtains. Home cleaning hacks and washing polyester curtains are also available on the internet or you can take the services of experts. The choice is all yours. Both ways help prolong the life of the curtains.

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The curtains of the TV lounge vary from kitchen drapes. The purpose of both is a bit different. The air that comes through windows gets stuck and starts to settle on the surface of the curtain. It makes it unappealing and highly untidy. Cleaning thus becomes essential.

Home cleaning methods

The home hacks are quite useful when we talk about cleaning the objects of the house. Just turn on the internet browser and search the ideas for washing the curtains. The home strategies are effective if we apply and follow them properly. The very basic thing is to plan and prepare a schedule that will help in keeping a record of cleanliness.

The cleaning plan must include monthly maintenance of the curtain, drapes of the house. This schedule will help working women in letting them know the cleaning details of every item and in this way, you can keep everything organized.

The day has come for curtain keeping up. You don’t need to take it down. Clean it, while hanging. Start from dust eradication. Take any soft, long handle brush to erase the dust molecules or if possible, give an application of a vacuum machine. It will quickly remove all molecules of dust, clearing the surface of the curtain.

Next, prepare a homemade cleaner solution from your pantry items. Take a bowl, put a half cup of vinegar, and an equal amount of baking soda. Now add double the quantity of water and stir it evenly. Pour this solution into any type of spray bottle. After you have done the vacuuming, spray this liquid evenly, over the surface of the curtain. Then, leave it for about two hours to get it absorbed.

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Now use a wet sponge or any type of cleaning cloth. This helps in removing the layer of liquid along with deadly stains. It will sparkle the curtain and stain-free too. Grab a dryer pump near your curtains and dry it. Check the thorough drying of your curtains. Apply sanitizing liquid to kill the disease inciting pathogens and microbes.

Professional curtain maintenance

The curtains are no doubt weight-bearing and heavy items. They are a bit tough to deal with while doing their washing. Sometimes you didn’t get much time or may ignore it because of a lengthy procedure. The professionals are there for your services. They offer various cleaning methods. One is called curtain steam cleaning in Melbourne and the other is curtain dry cleaning. This is the choice of the client.

Whatever you pursue, they will provide. The professionals are much quicker and excellent in customer dealing and even the outcomes. They even offer on-site and off-site cleaning of drapes. They even steam clean your curtains without pulling them down. They are full of the latest and every type of cleaning machine. The workers are also experienced due to practice given by the company administration.

The workers took initiative from deep inspection. The vacuum cleaner is applied from an upward position to a downward. So that, no place is left, and thoroughly dust is deleted. A steam vacuuming is their next step of the procedure, to evict the sturdy stains. A dryer is used to evacuate water content. In the last steps, they usually give a spray of sanitizer and odor freshener.