How regression analysis is applied in the real world enterprise?


You’ve got to get to know the hosts of the online sessions with the tyranny with us a couple of weeks and the philosophy behind some of our programs why you should go from here and I can join the community and introduce the speaker Q&A session at the why here today, of course, you’re here to learn from Emmanuel curry on how regression analysis is applied in the real world enterprise business scale whatever I call it it’s about using regression analysis in industries like sales and logistics and distribution as well as the financial industry, of course, progressional Isis is one of the techniques of machine learning and of course has lots of amazing profitable use for helping a forecast.

So on so you can learn all of that one last time yourself yeah so first off we have this usual advice for a beginner if you’re taking as such we have some great tips for you so this is I need more for everybody or you know beginners should probably consider doing it more so if you really if you are new to the space know just getting started with advice I take notes of the terms you don’t understand cause in research on those lands the patient really so research understand engage with the community on social media so ask questions relax faculty members in the community so active on social medias Peter Norvig on Twitter people with questions don’t understand terms of cotton and probably understand from here to help out the whole lot the next is of course pickle best practices and good methodologies as much as you can they’ll be a spherical shell.

Best practices from the Muslims of course of course as Enterprise have knowledge in this one thing out all advice and they have reward energetically as well so of course what you do that quickly so you’re going to learn our regression analysis is applied to real-world shop making processes in industry so they’re just focusing on specifically around our sales logistics that finance industry today but because that’s where the speak efforts he has his experience and of course is going to be generalizing more so to all that areas very efficient devices were all you’re going to go that in the secrets of using inductors bra so of course how you can get the best out of Virginia nice is for Moodle and and forecasted sorry for the typo Moodle in that forecast.

Next is our original Isis is used in the detail that in industries like howl of course you probably don’t pay later from at perhaps on a german-based company into digital and don’t want finance I think so absolutely you were to be learning how that works because this be careful today was a data scientist that out come on and another thing you bunch of learning is our so how regression analysis is applied to sales forecasting in the real world of course business real-world impacts of Christianized oh yeah so before we go on of course you need to get to this program just a brief introduction to what we do what we do and so on so for this program we are why we do this report for last year so we have lots of things we course what we do most of our tivities are shared on Twitter because it’s really amazing ai community out there theater.

Yeah so who we are to be a nonprofit social organization whose mission did a competent and collaborative AI and Italian committee so we want to solve problems for solving problems of course Italian suppose with the first the resources going to see how as a community we can neutral and knowledge area is distributed resources are most people who have no war and people don’t have a finish with a so more of the community that type of strategy to seen how we can build competence in people through mentorship through resource sharing through financial support through whatever support.

I can help people get competent making sure that it’s not just competently as seeking for the second is in a collaborative way to able to work in the community to achieve project work on goals and you know make improve just another living soul problems pretty much here so next of course why we do this is because protocols city is situated real estate to attract to the Allegheny River State no data-driven and a hub of complicated collaboratively italics and what we do as a non-profit.

We are really actively working on actualize in their social movement go forth of inclusive education in how we can make AI occasions all our programs we are looking at how we can make sure that you know we can democratize yeah education and make it accessible make inclusive for people were going to learn to walk last year the kitchen is actually will be I get that that’s why we try to bring in people with also expertise yeah they can kill knowledge because that’s what we are looking at how can this with working community if we get answers to all classification and ya know what is the phone no matter if the account cost of the financial cost of translates in how they can build competency through that as well so as particular how story so far you can find activities on my last report I’ve got Peter which was most awarded as we do as well.

If it was us on Twitter pata school of philosophy being our program so the two things we believe every prudence must have two key qualities and that’s the leadership quality because we we look up everything we try to take a neutral stance and equally for the growth of illness because we can a beautiful competency it has to be somebody can do stuff by going into mission inside also as a committee formed a plan and empathetic problems always ended in your view are expected to look out and see how we can solve problems know you can make a society a better place ins of most ways of colleges with AI technology was a I occasion as well so but hey it’s about hue here now because one thing we believe of fossils successful communities are those who hear memos first never plan and that’s what we try to disconnected so yeah why should you go from here because over here yeah of course we expected join on AI learning community in your region so yeah absolutely of growth we had an interview sometime back in World War II a cheesecloth rattled with already on zero.

One teeny pointed out a lot Estonia community as much as you can join a community because they would help a lot people in community would help others believe it’s a very active community so if you’re ha we have on AI learning community or region during the community you know if you aft used our for point of view if you don’t have an AI community you can start one of course you can make history for sale by starting one in your region of course pn9 curious of look at stone communities like data science engineer which was Allah although.

I say it’s arguably the highest and perfect nonprofit in Africa and continent so it’s really an amazing community you can join we also have for the local communities like here is such a cross so he can join us in being so the most important thing is that you contributed to the community and the back of progress of both entities on both you and community yeah so the next thing is explore moment beyond the topic for today’s session as much as the notes.

You’ve taken and all of those things we all go from links in the description you can just explore more today’s topic you might not have access the links to resources born you can just take the things of terms of right here today and see how you can just Google sends ask questions on social media of Twitter without your favorite people if they’re not responding without the community so you know it’s it’s an amazing community all the DEA int the science community most of these experts are willing to get you up and running and so on so if your home started out where we helped started ml get started.

I mean that’s the easiest first thing to do at Franklin next and of course ask questions on Twitter game torture experts in general a economists have been talking about community a lot because I know how crucial that is very good as the partition of the Agena yeah so if you want to join us the protocol of AI and we are going to get active ones like this one so you can just use the link on your screen yeah and of course you can follow us on Twitter algorithm is pretty great that weekend we were to follow I recommend able to follow based on community followed so if you follow protocol to go here ideas like Laguna Egan getting to third arrow experts in the field because we follow them as well so I’m going to do a better job.

I agree over there for you so because I think that’s enough of that let’s know the sessions was a bit of was a day so this was the kicker is emmanuel career model occurring is the data scientist of nanotechnology and also a data scientist that the form of the exercises that come on really the applications of regression analysis in their skills and vision as well as the finance industry financial industry yes it is gonna be talking to awesome Pat and I think later going to be releasing a conversation with Heather so in an article recently in society has the GI and we could follow up from Desmond so very essential questions and so on so that’s another robbery he can come over to his LinkedIn career under 18 a runner read about him I love experiences and go specifications as well he also must worked on the law project.

I think it’s I think that’s there for Mama is going to be taking us down on the eating gems and Russian applications of fishing and Isis and silver distribution so without further ado I think our underwater mano-a-mano thank you you can join the lecture you hi everyone thank you for being here my name is a Korea can a mother and computer science graduate from a federal University of Technology away I currently work as I said there were scientists in one technology I would be I like to introduce you guys to my presentation tie to the application of regression analysis sales and distribution in fin tech industry so in this presentation.

I’ll using linear regression to to explain or to introduce the concept of regression as well as its application statistics variation analysis is the powerful statistical method that allows you to as I mean relationship between two or more variables of interest see see let’s try and paint a scenario see trying to predict the sales or you’re trying to understand how the price can affect disease provision online analysis helps you to solve that kind of problems and why there are many types of regression analysis as you call the enzyme in the influence of one or more independent variable on the dependent variable like.

I mentioned earlier the price here is your independent variables also known as the determining factors while the dependent variable is the sales for the given product linear regression algorithms commonly used for predictive analysis modeling for example it can be used to quantify the relative impact of age gender and it’s on heights so in this case the independent variables are also known as the determining factors they include the age gender and the diet while the the outcome variable the target for the trying to predict here becomes the height and linear regression model is very simple is pretty monstrous for the algorithm that is mostly used when the formula here is y equals to B 0 plus B 1 X 1 where B 0 is y intercept and the V.

1 becomes the coefficient on X 1 in the ranges from x1 to xn becomes your predictor variables also known as the independent variable and the process of forming regression allows you to confidently determine which factors matters most also which factors can be ignored and how these factors are influenced each other in my in my experience after viewing when you’re trying to viewed walk on a machine any projects you collect your data you analyze your data you explore the data you clean them process do the transformation also apply feature engineering techniques to derive new features from your existing feature sets view your mother test model evaluate the results and you are confident within the model performance and now you want to present the model to stakeholders believe me stakeholders they are not so interested in the first of all why the model performance the evolution matrix they are so important but then you need to these distinct odor as they are interested in seeing in what are the factors that matters the most.