How to add link categories in website?


So you can actually change that in the link categories setting up here but let’s see I’m just going to add a new category, for now, we’ll call this test and we’ll add it there okay and that’s pretty much it and then you have targets for your links if you want them to open in a new window or tab, etc and then you have some other settings down here but I really don’t normally bother with those and that’s pretty much it.

 So we’ll say i’m gonna just keep this link private for now and i’m gonna say add link and that will go into my new link categories that i’ve created um under link categories here i should see two now i have recommended links and there’s eight links in there and i have um my test links here um if i were to let’s go back into our widgets for a moment.

 So let’s say that you have recommended links or they call it by default blog roll and you want it to show up on your home page then you would have to go under hang on a minute uh you would have to go under appearance widgets that we were just playing with before and you’ll notice that in my in my sidebar top i have my links here so this was a widget and here’s my link category and actually it says all links here.

┬áBut i only used to have just that one so recommended links sort link by link title etc so you have all of your options here you hit save and then you should find on your website I’m just going to go visit aura’s house for a minute to show you where my links show up so this is my sidebar and they show up right here recommended links for App developers.

 So that’s how links work we’re getting  there okay we’re back at aura’s house i’m gonna go into my dashboard and let’s have a look at users now your website maybe won’t have users or maybe it will maybe you’ll have people subscribing that would be great anyway you can manage all of your users under the users tab here and here we go i’m actually under the all users tab here and these are all my users i have 366 subscribers i have two editors those are were students from the american university of rome that were working with me last semester i made them editors which just meant that they could author posts and pages but that they weren’t able to delete uh other things on the site it was just a you know training wheels on sort of thing and then there are six administrators so the administrators on this site are my auras house partners and that means they’re able to come in and edit things and author content freely and then all of my subscribers are here 366.

So let’s say for whatever reason and oh i’m going to have to blur out these email addresses but all of the users are here okay so all of my users are here let’s say for whatever reason i wanted to change the role of someone so let’s say i wanted to make this person an administrator or an editor you just click on them and then over here you can say change role to let’s say we want to let this person become an author let me hit change and i’m not going to actually do that.

 But you can change it here um oh i think i did it anyway my mousepad is so sensitive okay well i accidentally made an author here so let’s go back and we’ll get rid of him and we’ll put him or her back to a subscriber so we just select that person again change the role to subscriber and we hit and we say change and it goes back to subscribers so you can change all of these things i just want to show you here the least amount of control is a subscriber they’re only able to read right the most amount of control is the administrator and then it basically goes in order from least amount of control to most control.

 So if i remember correctly you can find definitions of this if you go and look on wordpress but a contributor can create content but they don’t necessarily get to publish that content or edit that content the author can create content and publish their own content i believe an editor can do everything that an author can do and they can edit other people’s posts and then finally an administrator can control everything edit everyone’s post publish or not publish anything all right so that’s pretty much it if we wanted to add a new user let’s say that we are working with someone and we want to give them control to work on the site then you just go under add new over here or you could actually do it from here as well so under add new then you’d have to know what their username and email is before you can add the new user.

 But then they would come in as a subscriber or however they come in and then you can change those settings later so all of those settings are here and then finally assuming that you’re a user you have a place called your profile here and hang on a minute again getting lots of um i’m getting yelled at because i do have to update my plugins so forgive me but anyway so here’s my control panel for updating my own profile so it’s you know different information is here etc etc.

 All right so that is that um so now you know how to go in you need you can look at and change the role of your users you can add users and you can modify your own profile we’re getting there  hey there so hopefully you’re starting to get more and more ideas and ways to kind of break through your creative blocks but one of the very best ways is to just start making stuff using free software free tools free images free article and free music because if you are just sitting around staring at a blank screen or a blank canvas waiting for an idea that’s going to freeze you up.

 But if you start at least thinking about oh i want to do something with animals and you start looking at pictures with animals or start working with templates etc and you start putting something together you’re going to get ideas as you’re working one of my very best creativity boosting techniques is going to one of my sources for free images music and articles for your projects i will give you the link to this blog post on my website and i will talk to you a little bit more about copyright law and what you can and cannot do when using other people’s images