How To Make Money On The Internet, 10 Reliable And Profitable Methods


Like celebrities who influence us through their dress style or what they do, you can make money online by becoming an influencer on social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

How to proceed? Influencer marketing involves posting content on social media in collaboration with brands that ultimately pay you.

You earn money because your content collects hundreds or even thousands of “likes” and comments. It is, therefore, necessary to ensure the quality of the content published on the various social networks.

Become an influencer to earn money on the internet

But to actually start making money on the internet as an influencer, there are things you need to do. You must be previously recognized as an expert in a specific field.

Hence the need to start building a solid online community and keep it regularly informed of new developments in your area of expertise. This means that at the beginning, we do not earn anything as income.

But by working continuously, you will quickly make yourself known on the internet. Once known, it will be easy for you to monetize your expertise online.

Create niche sites and affiliate products

Don’t know what a niche site is? It does not matter. This is a site that targets a specific subject and talks about it at length.

It is recommended that you choose your niche by correctly identifying the target audience. It is on this basis that the selection of products to be sold in affiliation must be made. Depending on the chosen niche, you create the sites necessary to promote your affiliate products.

To properly determine your niche, you can target a specific location (France for example) to offer a quality product. Also make sure that the content of your site is original, in a tone and style that catches the eye.

Mastering your niche will help you determine the different types of potential products or services that may be of interest to your site visitors.
It is then necessary to proceed with the analysis of competitors operating in the same niche. To find them, you just have to do some research on Google.

Sell sponsored articles on your passion blog

We speak of a sponsored article when you write and publish an article on your own blog at the request of another person and for a fee. In reality, the person offering the sponsored article benefits from your blog audience and authority. Others use this method to optimize the SEO referencing of their sites.

So direct your blog to a niche (original products or services) that interests your visitors. So you can build loyalty and sell sponsored articles in this niche! Brands will contact you directly or through a specialized agency as soon as your blog is well known or has a good Google referencing.

Young bloggers are advised to simply start with sponsored article platforms. You have to choose the articles that are in harmony with the theme of your blog!

You can sell, through your blog, links to advertisers. The price of the link for sale is generally determined according to the criteria defined by each blogger seller. Criteria such as the location of the link on the page, the age of the page, the amount of internal and external links on this page, the theme of the page, etc.

The links promote better SEO referencing of sites. Most advertisers, in order to respond quickly and efficiently to their customers, are looking for SEO links. On platforms like RocketLink and Teliad, you will meet potential link buyers.

Advertisers are looking for top quality links for fast and efficient search engine ranking of their sites. For this purpose, your blog must be well known on Google and oriented towards a specific theme with quality backlinks, etc.

The advertiser who wants to buy a link on your blog looks at many other criteria (the quality of the articles published, the importance and targeting of the traffic, etc.) before making their purchase.

Monetize your content with Google Adsense advertising

Know that you can make money on the internet by showing advertisements on your site. You will need to go through the famous advertising network Google Adsense whose role is to target the ads in line with the theme of your site.

You earn money for showing these ads on your site. But how? It’s simple. You must have a Google account, log in, and register your site for the Adsense program. As soon as your registration is accepted, you can start running ads on your site.

But to maximize income from Google Adsense advertising, your site needs to have better content and attract a lot of visitors. This is what will allow you to earn more money online with advertising!

Create software and sell it on the internet

Are you a developer of software solutions or a programmer? You can also earn money on the internet. If you do not yet have the software already designed and ready to sell, you will have to create one by targeting the needs of the market.

However, it is possible to sell third party software by purchasing the resale rights. You can also do this using affiliate marketing. So you get recurring income. In addition, you must create an e-commerce store specially intended for the internet sale of your software.

To set the price of your software, it is advisable to refer to the price ranges on the market. Prices are offered depending on whether the software is entry-level, mid-range, or high-end.
Before marketing your software, consider setting up an anti-piracy system. It can be a key or a license for example.

Create apps for download on Google Play

Did you know that you can make money on the internet with Google Play? With this site, it is possible to make a little money by creating applications. Before you publish your app to the Android or Apple Play Store, you need to make sure that it is working properly.

To get started, create a general Google account and register on the Google Play Developer Console which is a paid site. Registration on the latter platform is essential for the later publication of your application on the Play Store. It will cost you 25 US dollars to pay by credit card.

Regarding the prices, you must tell Google that your application is either free or paid. If it is chargeable, you offer your rate which, with your agreement, will be adapted either automatically or manually to the currencies of other countries. Google will take 30% of your net income.

Still, in the case of a paid Android application, it will be necessary to create a merchant account and a Google payment profile. Income will be generated through an in-app purchase or subscription system.

But customers are often reluctant to use new paid apps. It is therefore better to do with freemiums apps which are free but become paid for users who want to access more features.

Create a public affiliate program

To mobilize more customers for the benefit of your e-commerce, you can start an affiliate program. Affiliation is a great way to earn money on the internet even if you sell your own products .

Indeed, you are dealing with partners who will seek customers for you. You pay them on the basis of each sale made through them.

You need partners who can help you promote and sell your products and services online. In this sense, it is advisable to target the ideal blogs to promote your products or services: just do a search in relation to your theme on Google.

Become a WordPress theme developer

The WordPress theme developer can indeed make a lot of money on the internet if he does the job well. I’ll tell you right away how.

As soon as you create or have created WordPress themes, go to the ThemeForest platform to sell them. I know some who earn tens of thousands of euros (plus 50,000 euros) every month because they are very good.

With an average level, you can earn up to 5,000 or 10,000 euros. The developer of low-level WordPress themes, meanwhile, will get by with a minimum of 1000 euros per month. WordPress designers and integrators know what I’m talking about!

When you do your job as a WordPress theme developer well, you don’t even have to shy away from finding clients. The platforms take care of it! In addition, most clients take care of the translation themselves! But by offering themes in multiple languages, you will be more profitable.

WordPress is today a well-known content management system (CMS) on the internet. Take the opportunity to create “revolutionary” extensions that will bring you a lot of money!
You can practice freelance and handle multiple specific customer requests.
The WordPress theme developer is highly sought after by most site developers. It is often called upon to improve the appearance of sites by providing new features.

Transform a physical business into an online business

Do you have a physical business without online visibility? Your (physical) business may have online business potential.

Know that you have the possibility of transforming it into an online business to better cope with the different charges and earn more income. By creating a digital version of your physical business, you will have a new source of income.

Some say they pay too much tax for their physical business and end up taking the e-business option. This does not mean that we do not pay taxes online! But the advantage of your e-business is that you will not have to make certain expenses (rental costs for example).

Indeed, the main thing is to have a high-performance computer and a good internet connection for the smooth running of your online business.

The internet offers you the opportunity to create more traffic through several methods including affiliate marketing.

You have just discovered the best methods to make money on the internet. By choosing one or the other of the proposed solutions, you will not be disappointed. Among my many tests, the solutions proposed in this article allowed me to earn several thousand euros online. Make good use of it.