How to save AC bills: Use these top 5 tips to cut down your summer AC bills


How to save AC bills: Tired of paying exorbitant electricity bills due to running the AC on high? Don’t worry anymore. Take a note of these top 5 tips to cut down your summer AC bills.

How to save AC bills: The mercury is rising every day on the thermometer and that is the sign that summer is here. But with summer, another thing that rises almost exponentially is the electricity bill. And the biggest culprit in increasing the bill is our beloved air conditioner. We are all guilty of entering the room and turning the AC on at the highest speed and lowest temperature possible to get an instant relief from the sweltering weather. But in doing so, we all commit some mistakes that increase our bills at the end of the month. If you have experienced the same, then don’t worry. We have put together top 5 tips to reduce your AC bills. Read on to instantly cool down.

1. Know the ideal temperature to save electricity

We all have a tendency to lower the temperature as much as possible when turning the AC on. However, running the AC at minimum temperature puts an additional load on your electricity bills. Instead, you can keep it between 24-26 degrees celsius to reduce the electricity consumption. And what about your cooling down? Don’t worry. According to various studies, 24-26 degrees celsius is a comfortable zone for humans along with slight humidity and good air flow. You can save up to 24% in your electricity bill by keeping the AC at a slightly higher temperature.

2. Make sure the cold air doesn’t escape

The second in our top 5 tips to reduce your AC bills is a common sense tip. We all know that we should close the door after turning on the AC. But there are a few more things you can do to optimize cooling and reduce electricity consumption. Make sure your windows are sealed tight and that sunlight does not enter the room. Pull curtains if you can. This will cool down the room faster.

3. Switch it off intermittently

 Now that we have figured out how to cool down the room fast and keep it cool, the next step is to turn the AC off once the room has cooled down sufficiently. Once a room is cool, it will stay that way for at least an hour. So, if you can keep the AC off for that duration, that does wonders to your AC bills.

4. Regular servicing reduces AC bills

 Every time dirt accumulates on your AC filter, the motor has to work extra hard to push out cold air and that increases the electricity consumption. Studies have shown that replacing a dirty filter with a new one can instantly reduce electricity bills by 10-15%.

5. Turn on the fan with AC

The fifth and the last on the list of the top 5 tips to reduce your AC bills might seem like counterproductive advice, but it is not. The ceiling fan improves the air circulation and removes the hot air to allow the AC to cool faster. Further, the ceiling fan also has a cooling effect which means you will not feel the need to lower the temperature too much. Finally, once the AC has cooled the room down enough, you can turn it off and use the AC to extend the period the room remains cool.

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