Internet OUTAGE: Cloudflare system fails popular websites across the world


Internet Outage reported across the world after the Cloudflare service failed earlier in the day. Here are all the details.

Earlier on Tuesday, a couple of websites across the world were down, showing the following error message – “500 Internal Server Error”. While most of the internet was struggling to figure out what happened, Cloudflare reported that an issue affecting content delivery network (CDN) had taken down a majority of the Internet. Hence, as a result, popular web-based services such as Discord, Canva, and NordVPN, among others were out of service for a while. The funny part is that the website used to track internet status, Downdetector, was also down itself.

On its website and social media, Cloudflare acknowledged the disruption of its services. The company soon after implemented the fix soon after. As of now, most of the servers are back online and all these popular services are back online. Cloudflare said that the incident impacted services relying on its network and resulted in the “500 Internal Server Error” across all websites and services using its network.

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The outage was first reported around 12:50 pm IST and Cloudflare said at the time it was working on a fix. In a statement to Gadgets360, Cloudflare said “Due to the nature of the incident, customers may have had difficulty reaching websites and services that rely on Cloudflare from approximately 0628-0720 UTC. Cloudflare was working on a fix within minutes, and the network is running normally now.”

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“Given Cloudflare’s scale and the percentage of the Internet that relies on our network, when we have problems it is vital that we are open and transparent about what happened, why it happened, and what we’re doing to ensure it doesn’t happen again,” it added.

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