iPhone 13, iPhone 12 users just got these NEW features with latest Chrome update


Chrome update has introduced several new features for iOS users, including iPhone 13 and iPhone 12. Check the list here.

Chrome Version 103 has been rolled out with a bunch of new features and updates to the desktop web browser. With this new release, Google is highlighting several new features for iPhone and iPad users that span usability and security. Whether you are using the latest iPhone 13, iPhone 12 or any other iPhone model, new unique features are on their way to you and they are worth checking out, a 9to5Google report suggested. Well, to start with, you will need to update your Chrome app first. You can simply visit the App Store and search for Google Chrome, and tap the update button, if available. Now, let’s check what is coming to iPhone users with the Chrome 103 update.

New features for iPhone users with Chrome 103 update

New look for the three-dot menu: The Chrome 103 update changed the look of the three-dot menu option located at the bottom-right corner of Chrome on your iPhone. Now, it starts with a colourful carousel offering quick access to options such as Bookmarks, History, Reading List, Passwords, Downloads, Recent Tabs, and Settings.

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Language identification mode: One of the impressive updates with Chrome 103 is “language identification mode”. What does it do? It uses machine learning to analyze a website to determine what language it uses as well as try to figure out whether you need it to be translated into a language that you prefer or not. The best part is that this machine learning happens on-device only, which means, none of the translation happens on Google or third-party servers. It is a secure way to translate articles on the web without worrying about security.

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Set camera and microphone permissions for selective websites: With this update, you can set camera and microphone permissions for certain websites, instead of the whole Chrome itself. This will allow you to use your iPhone camera and microphone for selective trustable websites while segregating the other websites.

Enhanced Safe Browsing: The report mentioned that iPhone users can also expect the introduction of Enhanced Safe Browsing. Though, this feature may not be available to all users. The report suggests trying to find it in the Google Services options under Settings.

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