iPhone 14: Let us talk about this iPhone 13 successor, will it be WORTH buying?


The iPhone 14 is expected to be announced sometime around September 2022 and prior to that, leaks have almost revealed everything. Here is what we know.

The iPhone 14! Ever since Tim Cook announced the iPhone 13 series last September 2021, rumours of a iPhone 14 have been floating all around the internet, coming up with wacky concepts and ideas. Fast forward eight months since the launch and the tech community is getting excited for the iPhone 14, especially after a couple of iPhone 14 leaks have arrived from reliable sources. If you have been through them, the iPhone 14 series wis focusing largely on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max this year, reserving the newest upgrades for them.

But it is not all bad news for the vanilla iPhone 14. This year, the iPhone 14 is going to get a larger sized sibling in the form of the iPhone 14 Max, which we have already talked about in-depth. The Max is likely to gather the most attention with its new large display and bigger battery. The iPhone 14, however, is likely to remain the more popular variant and could end up in more pockets due tonight balance of just everything.

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iPhone 14: What do the leaks say

Same iPhone 13 Price

Leaks have repeatedly suggested that the iPhone 14 will have a starting price of $799, which is the same as the price of the 128GB variant of the iPhone 13. The iPhone 14 will hence be no more expensive than the standard iPhone 13. However, the lower starting price of $699 won’t exist as the iPhone 14 Max will cost $899 this year. Hence, the iPhone 14 range in general will be more expensive.

Same display but faster

The iPhone 14 is said to retain the same 6.1-inch OLED display from the iPhone 13 this year. That means you are going to get the same big notch sticking around for another year. Rumours suggest Apple could be giving us 90Hz of refresh rate with the iPhone 14, which should make scrolling, animations and transitions smoother on the eyes. No 120Hz refresh rate display yet on these expensive iPhones!

Same OLD A15 chip, AGAIN!

Yes, the rumours say that Apple could reuse the A15 Bionic chip from the iPhone 13 for this year’s iPhone 14 lineup. No reason known behind this yet but it seems Apple could use this trick to keep the prices of the iPhone 14 range low. Additionally, the 5nm A15 Bionic chip is still faster in many ways than the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chip, and it shall continue to offer flagship levels of performance for another year or two.

Same old cameras (possibly)

The iPhone 14 could also reuse the camera sensors from the iPhone 13 Pro models. The new 48MP camera sensor will only reach the iPhone 14 Pro variants. That leaves the standard iPhone 14 to play with the current 12MP camera sensors from the iPhone 13 Pro models. And, it is also said that it will still have a dual camera setup. The front camera, however, is said to gain the autofocus functionality and a larger aperture lens, both of which should improve front camera performance.

Bigger Battery (possibly)

No leak talks about the battery aspect but considering Apple’s previous launches, the iPhone 14 could get a bigger capacity battery, which should help with an even longer stamina than the iPhone 13. Apple could continue to offer the Lightning port on the iPhone 14 and may offer the same 20W charger support.

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iPhone 14: Will it be worth buying?

Based on the current specs, the iPhone 14 may not seem like a mega upgrade over the iPhone 13. However, these are all unconfirmed leaks and rumours, and Apple could reveal a completely different iPhone 14 at its September launch event. Hence, we won’t be surprised to see an even better package waiting for us.

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