Is A Digital Marketing Courses and Degree A Scam?


Digital Marketing is the marketing that is done online. It is also called internet marketing. Anything that is sold or bought online is called digital marketing. With the advance of technology more and more people are having the opportunities to work in the digital marketing industry

What is Digital Marketing?

There are a large number of digital marketing jobs in the world. To get into this industry one can start with a digital marketing internship. Digital Marketing consists of many fields. It includes search engine optimization, search engine marketing, social media optimization, and social media marketing. If you want to choose any one of these you can start with a digital marketing intern. Then you can proceed towards a higher like digital marketing manager in the ladder.

Best Digital Marketing Jobs in the Industry?

There are no digital marketing degrees that you can get in the industries. You only have to learn it yourself. However, some programs teach you about it and are online. After doing a digital marketing internship and having some experience in this field you can expect a good salary.

Digital Marketing Specialist Salary in Industry?

Different fields have different salaries in them. For eg digital marketing analyst and digital marketing, the specialist salary would be different. If you know how to work and have got the skill then the sky is the limit. If you are a quick learner and can bring results you can earn a high salary package.

There are various benefits of working in the digital marketing industry or with a Digital Marketing company. After getting some years of experience you can start your blog or website. You can start a digital marketing agency where you can provide services to your clients for SEO or Paid ads. You can also work as a freelancer from your home after you got relevant experience in this industry.

Now let’s talk about statistics. Digital marketing is a cool job in the present times and it is proven by the stats. As an eg, if you want to really dive into social media marketing then there are around currently3.2 billion social media users all over the world every day. Around 142 minutes is spent on social media every day.

Similarly in the SEO if you look at the stats the total, about 77000 searches per second all over the world. so you can leverage the power of people online using the internet and recommend the solutions to this product. you can develop a relationship with them by giving them a solution to their problems.

Now all the people that search on the internet are not buyers. A small percentage goes people online are buyers. they can be divided into three types depending on their search intent. And respectively it is called cold warm and hot traffic.

Temperatures of Traffic on the Internet?

Cold traffic means the prospect is not aware of your product or solution and has not heard of it before. They are least likely to be pursued to buy the product. so they need to be educated about your product through a blog or youtube channel

The second is the warm traffic. they are usually the cold traffic but have heard of your product or solution and yet not interested to buy your product and need some social proof and cleared objection about the product

The third is hot traffic usually they are prospect who needs a little push to buy your recommended product or solution after education them. You can do this by giving an urgency or scarcity of your product and giving them a lot of bonuses.


I hope you got good information about digital marketing and digital marketing courses scams. So it is good to learn digital marketing or to start in digital marketing industry. Due to lock down more and, more companies are hiring into this field. so I recommend starting your digital marketing journey by applying as a digital marketing intern in companies. You can simply search by typing digital marketing jobs near me in the google search box.