Mars, Venus, Jupiter to Mercury, watch 5 planets TOGETHER in the night sky on March 28



The last week of March will bring an amazing view for the sky gazers. As many as five planets, including the moon, will be visible in the sky on March 28. It can be known that the five planets will not be in a literal straight line but will be like an arc. The planets which you will be able to watch on March 28 after sunset include Mars, Venus, Jupiter, Mercury, and Uranus, according to a report by Fox News.

As per the information, Jupiter will appear brighter than Mercury. While Venus would be the brightest planet among all. “Venus will be brighter to the upper left of Jupiter and Mercury,” a report by Live Mint stated. It can be known that Venus would be visible through the naked eye as it will dazzle the most among all.

Uranus will be the most difficult to find without visual aids. Also, the report further added that Uranus will appear near Venus but very faintly and Mars will also appear very high in the sky and will have a noticeable hue.

It can be known that March has been an eventful month for the people who love watching the night sky and are interested in space. Earlier on March 1, Venus and Jupiter came together in conjunction. Also, Jupiter and Venus were aligned with the moon throughout February.

According to NASA, “the planets orbit around the Sun in approximately the same plane – the ecliptic plane – and thus trace similar paths across our sky,” according to NASA.

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