My Life, My Job, My Career: How 8 Simple Custom Cakes Helped Me Succeed


My claims won’t be wrong if I say, “I was crazy about baking.” It is also not wrong to mention that I choose it as my life, my job, and my career. I am the first successful bakery owner (yes, I did it!) from my seven generations and eight more to come. Of my nine years of custom cake baking experience, I can firmly share these simple custom cakes bakery tips and hacks to make it a success.

Make your presence available everywhere

From an SEO standard website to a social media platform, a business should be everywhere. Increase the connection by posting personalized content with real-time photographs. It will enable your customers to get attached and have a connection with the brand. One last thing, make yourself available on various social media platforms to increase your brand visualization and marketing on Twitter, Facebook, Email, Whatsapp, and LinkedIn.

Greet with a smile

Serving your customers with a smile is one of the approaches to charm yourself to them in light of the fact that a smile makes them feel at home and acknowledged.

Keep in mind, customer care isn’t tied in with offering what you accept your customers need, however asking them what they need, and conveying it.

Customer care and service are a necessary part of any business and need to be done at all times. A custom bakery’s most useful resource is its customers on the grounds that without them, the business can’t grow.

Work on loyalty

Loyalty and care go hand in hand. You will show care and customers will stay loyal to your brand. When you fulfill customers, they do not just assist you with growing by ordering unique custom cakes from you, but they also refer to the custom bakery to friends and partners. For a good referral program, run loyalty cards and points on every purchased item.

That is the reason any business must endeavor to make consumer loyalty a key component of its service conveyance if it needs to keep up customers and draw in new ones.

Give them that you consider them

Know about them in detail. Everyone loves to get noticed. When you greet them from their names, they feel acknowledged. Send or fax information, for example, news sections, important articles, and occasional welcome, for example, Christmas, birthday.

You could even send them a birthday card of the day they turned into your customers.

Whatever business you are in, locate the most proficient, innovative, and worthy methods of telling your customers that you are considering them.

Stay close to customers to develop your custom bakery

Despite the fact that there have been numerous battles in customer support and customer care in Edible Notions, numerous organizations despite everything need these zones. This has driven them away from their loyal customers and significantly hurt the business. It also decreases the number of customers if you are not going to look after the quality and care.

Mention to them what’s going on

This is a decent method to keep in contact and promotional deals or get referrals for new customers. customers need to think about the new advancements your business makes. You should have a satisfactory model of communication that can arrive at the greater part of the customers.

Offer customization

This will increase requests and satisfies customers when they get great arrangements. Every customer might be reached by various instruments of deal advancement. It is consequently, fitting to use the most suitable equipment to get the ideal outcomes.

Repay customers

It’s important to repay customers for lost time or cash if these occurrences were brought about by issues with your item or service. Most customers are cheerful when a company acknowledge their mix-ups and iron them out. Protests settled in customers’ favor consistently win customers.

Be own

Keep notes in your customer documents on each and every detail you know, everything from the companion and kids’ names to side interests, and particularly their conduct style. customers consistently feel cheerful that you notice the little insight regarding them.

Continuously be straightforward

Nothing destroys your reputation more seriously than deceptive nature. Untruths have a method of causing issues down the road for you.

You can not manufacture an effective business picture of deceptive nature. It is consistently important that you respect the guarantees that you make to your customers and even come clean to them even in conditions where reality damages.


Acknowledge returns genuinely


The couple of francs you may lose in the short-run are not as much as what you gain in satisfying customers. Now and again customers will return items since they are not right; acknowledge them back in light of the fact that they offer you the chance to give them that you are keen on taking care of their issues and you are not just after their cash.


In the growing world, it is very important to stay close to your customers. Time has gone long back where the customer was only looking for a product or service. At this time, customers look for comfort, service, after-sales care, support, and cooperative staff. They expect to be welcomed nicely and treated well.