Noise ColorFit Loop is a consistent yet unremarkable smartwatch on a budget



There really is no shortage of affordable Android smartwatches in India. Choices aplenty, and a large part of that market is dominated by Indian tech companies. This is one instance. Noise has an extensive smartwatch portfolio and quite a few are very similar too, which often adds a layer of complication for potential consumers – which one to pick? The Noise ColorFit Loop would be one of those, which you may consider. Mind you, these are smart watches made on a budget. The flexibility is, works well enough with Android phones and the Apple iPhone.

The Noise ColorFit Loop’s 1.85-inch display is par for the course with affordable smartwatches. (Vishal Mathur / HT Photo)
The Noise ColorFit Loop’s 1.85-inch display is par for the course with affordable smartwatches. (Vishal Mathur / HT Photo)

This is priced at 2,499 and there are six colour combinations which you can pick from.

A spectrum that includes the fairly consistent Jet Black and Mist Grey but equally the less commonplace options including Rose Pink, Olive Green, and Midnight Blue.

This watch has a squarish design is made of plastic and there is one dial on the right side.

Overall quite an unremarkable design, but it simply works, and feels well put together.

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There is the IP68 water resistance rating which adds a bit of robustness to this watch though.

The Noise ColorFit Loop’s 1.85-inch display is par for the course with affordable smartwatches. It looks good for sure, with vivid colours and the slight curves on the edges which allow the finger to gently slide off during swipe gestures. Adequate sharpness too in case you want to quickly glance at a message or notification. That said, the brightness levels which work even under fairly bright sunshine, do tend to make colours look a bit washed out, when in the higher echelons.

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Lots of watch face options too in the companion app called NoiseFit, as many as 200 options, though you’ll take time to find some classy ones. The similarities in the app remain similar across Android and iPhone, which is good to see.

If there is one thing Noise doesn’t go short on, it would be features.

In particular, health and fitness tracking features.

It starts with the heart rate tracker and extends the capabilities to a calculation that works as the stress tracker, blood oxygen monitoring as well as female cycle tracking.

Preloaded are around 130 activity modes, though we noticed the watch doesn’t automatically detect when you start an activity and these need to be invoked manually.

The accuracy of the step counter can be a bit amiss at times, noticing the Noise ColorFit Loop registers a few more steps with the same activity routine than an Apple Watch, for instance.

Yet, that is to be expected from budget smartwatches, which aren’t the most accurate with fitness tracking data. Take this information as a suggestion, rather than in-arguable numbers.

Noise claims up to 7 days of battery life, but that should be considered a best-case scenario. It is achievable for sure, if you don’t use it for all app notifications in your phone and have a certain window for physical activity during the day. But for most intents and purposes, expect this to last about 4 days on a single charge, when used close to its fullest capability, as a smartphone companion and a fitness tracker. No fast charging option here too, so do leave a 2-hour and a bit longer window for this to fully juice up.

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Should you spend 2,499 on the Noise ColorFit Loop? There is nothing that immediately steps up and negates the question. This is a smartwatch that has most of the basics you’d want from a smartwatch, keeping in mind the price tag. Within that boundary, it does a very good job of holding up the experience. The battery life, which we’ll classify as fairly robust, adds to the convenience of not having to charge the smartwatch every evening.


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