Ola S1 Pro scooter gets ANOTHER use case that surprises Ola Electric CEO; Check it out


Ola S1 Pro was recently spotted as playing the role of a DJ speaker by some college students. Check out all the details.

The Ola S1 Pro has been the talk of the town, whether for right reasons or wrong. We recently test drove the scooter with the new Move OS 2 update and it left us impressed. The software update opened up some of the headline grabbing features that Ola promised during the scooter’s launch last year. Cruise control, navigation support, a new Eco driving mode, and more have been added to the scooter this year, but one feature seems to have really gotten the youth excited. Remember we told you about the ability to play music on the Ola S1 Pro? Yes, that feature has gotten its own limelight now on the social media.

In a video shared by a college student, an Ola S1 Pro is shown as the life of a college party. The video shared by Twitter user @NamanSParakh shows a silver Ola S1 Pro playing party songs while a bunch of college students dance around it. This is certainly unique and it even caught attention of Ola Electric CEO Bhavish Aggarwal, who quotes that tweet and says, “Never thought of this use case while designing it”

Ola S1 Pro speakers become life of the party

During our time with the Ola S1 Pro, we ourselves found out just how useful these speakers are while on the move. With the Move OS 2 update, the scooter lets you pair your smartphone via Bluetooth and play media via the onboard speakers. These are two loud speakers that are not necessarily getting the award for audio quality, but they certainly make riding a fun experience. The speakers at full chat are good enough for speeds under 60 kph, beyond which the wind noise distorts your listening experience.

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However, the feature isn’t without its bugs, as has been the case with many features on the Move OS 2 update. We ourselves found the scooter to automatically start playing songs once the phone paired automatically with the scooter. This was a recurring issue with both iOS and Android devices, and resetting the scooter didn’t help.

Furthermore, the Move OS 2 update also introduced some bugs to the MapMyIndia navigation feature – some users have reported issues with GPS locking while others (including is) have observed the map completely freezing after riding for a while.

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