Online Quran Classes for Learning All About the Quran


Allah has informed us in the Quran that the best Muslims have knowledge. Hence, knowledge and education is something that is stressed on various occasions in the Quran. However, Muslims nowadays often focus on all types of education that they can think of, but they neglect the Quran and Islam.

It should be the other way around. You should study various subjects that interest you, but Islam and the Quran need to be among the priorities. This is where online Quran classes come into the picture.

The Prophet (PBUH) informed us via the Sunnah and Hadith that the best Muslims learn and teach the Quran. Therefore, he already set a precedent there for us to follow. It’s a pity that many Muslims tend to not take this very seriously.

In fact, we have Muslims in many parts of the world who are just Muslims by name. They distance themselves from any acts of worship that Allah requires, and pay no attention to the Quran.

This is the danger that we come across when we come under the influence of all sorts of ideologies across the world. The world is very globalized now and people have access to everything at their fingertips. As a result, people keep gravitating toward the West and following what people worldwide do. In most cases, this may be to appear trendy or to make one seem cool. However, it comes at a great cost.

Online Quran classes are one of the best modern methods for learning the Quran. You can study all aspects of the Quran online. Going from not knowing the Arabic alphabet to reciting and understanding the Quran has never been easier.

Online Quran Classes – What Can You Learn?

The easier way to answer this question is with a counter-question: What can’t you learn about the Quran? However, we will approach it differently to allay some of your concerns and show you that online Quran learning is suitable for you.

Basic Quran Reading

This is the course designed for new students and beginners primarily. With this online Quran class, you can learn about something as basic as the Arabic alphabet. After you understand the alphabet, you’ll get to know about Arabic words, then sentences, until you can read verses of the Quran with some level of smooth recitation. Hence, any person who requires help at any of these levels of Quran learning should opt for this online Quran class.

Tajweed and Tarteel

This course is for students who can already read the Quran but need to improve the recitation. Let’s face it, the recitation of most people, especially those who don’t know Arabic, is inadequate. People often bring their own local accents and change the meaning of Arabic words by mispronouncing them. They may make simple mistakes.

Tajweed ensures that students know about the characteristics of Arabic letters and how to pronounce them. At the end of the online Quran, you will be a lot closer to reciting the Quran like a Qari.

Quran Memorization

If you’re a parent of a young child and you want him or her to memorize the Quran by heart, we have good news for you. Children are best suited to memorization when they are quite young. When they become older, the ability to memorize decreases as the ability to understand improves.

We have some of the best online Quran tutors when it comes to helping you with Quran memorization. Therefore, take this class without a second thought and start your journey.

Quran Translation

It’s an undeniable fact that many non-Arab Muslims don’t know the meanings of the Quran despite knowing how to read it. This is because they never attempted to understand it. This is a mistake that we must avoid.

The Quran is Allah’s Word, and not only should we recite it but we need to understand it as well. The best way to do this is to learn Arabic, but if that’s not possible then you can pursue Quran translation.

Basic Islamic Education

Last but not least, we have a course designed for new students to help them to quickly learn about the basics of Islam. With this online Quran class, you will learn about the five pillars of Islam and basic duas to read on a day-to-day basis. Additionally, you can also memorize some short surahs to recite during salah.


Learning the Quran online is a very convenient way of gaining Quranic knowledge. You can learn the Quran from the convenience and comfort of your home. Moreover, the options are very flexible and you can study according to the workload and timings that suit you.

Online Quran teachers are among the most competent online educators and they can help you to learn a great deal about the Quran. All you need is a computer or smart device alongside a good internet connection to get started.

QuranForKids is an established online Quran academy that offers a lot of variety to students. Hence, don’t miss out on this opportunity. Sign up for our free one-week trial and get started right away!