Over 46000 Indian Twitter accounts banned! Know what you should avoid posting


Twitter banned more than 46,000 Indian accounts in the month of May 2022. Know all details here.

Twitter has banned tens of thousands of accounts in India! Twitter itself reported this in its monthly compliance report. The statement indicated that over 46,000 Indian Twitter accounts were banned in the month of May, 2022. According to the report, Twitter removed these accounts due to the violation of its guidelines. The data revealed that around 43,656 accounts were banned by Twitter for promoting child sexual exploitation, non-consensual nudity, and similar content. While the rest of the 2,870 Indian users’ Twitter accounts were banned for promoting terrorism. So, in order to ensure that a similar ban is not placed on you, never post any such material.

Twitter said in its report, “While we welcome everyone to express themselves on our platform, we do not tolerate behaviour that harasses, threatens, dehumanises, or uses fear to silence the voices of others.” It further clarified that it does not tolerate any material that features or promotes child sexual exploitation, whether it is shared in Direct Messages or a public tweet in the form of any media, text, illustrations, or computer-generated images.

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Twitter accounts banned in India due to complaints

Twitter said that it received around 1,698 complaints in India between April 26 to May 25, 2022, through the local grievance mechanism of Twitter. The reasons stated by Twitter to remove the accounts vary from online abuse or harassment, hateful conduct, misinformation and manipulated media, impersonation, URLs for violating norms related to online harassment, and hateful conduct to sensitive adult content. Each user complaint received via the India Grievance channel has been assessed under Twitter’s Terms of Service and rules to know if any content is determined to be in violation of the guidelines.

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Not just Twitter, in the month of May, Google has also cleared out 393,303 pieces of bad content to prevent the dissemination of harmful content including child sexual abuse, and violent extremist content. While, a few days back, your daily instant messaging app WhatsApp slapped a ban on over 19 lakh Indian users’ accounts in May.

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