Quordle 96 answer for April 30: Today’s Quordle is extremely hard! Check hint, clues and solution


Quordle 96 answer for April 30: While Quordle as a concept itself is difficult, it does not hold back on the choices of words either. All four words today are uncommon. Check these Quordle hints, clues and solution to save your streak.

Quordle 96 answer for April 30: Quordle is an interesting game. As a concept itself it is supposed to be challenging. Finding four words all at once within 9 attempts is a tough task. But the game also adds a second layer of difficulty by including every single 5-letter English word that exists. On the contrary, the Wordle word bank is just 2,315 words large as the game claims it only wants to keep common words. Quordle does not care about that. And while you solve today’s game, that is exactly what you will feel. It is very likely that you will lose the streak today. But we will try our best to ensure that doesn’t happen. We are offering you 5 clues that will help you easily figure out the four words. And if you still can’t, we have given you the solution at the bottom as well.

Quordle 96 hints for April 30

None of the words in today’s Quordle are common English words. In fact, it is probably the hardest we have seen in weeks, if not a day. Each one of them is tricky in its own way. However, there is a silver lining. Two of the words are exactly similar except for the vowel they use. This tip could be a lifesaver for you. Now, let us check out the Quordle 96 clues.

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Quordle 96 clues for April 30

1. The words have used only four vowels. ‘I’ has not been used.

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2. One word contains the same letter three times.

3. The words start with C, Y, M, C.

4. The words end with G, D, E, G.

5. One of the words is a religious council.

That’s it. These clues should help you get started and find out the word with ease. But if you still struggle, just scroll down and see the answers.

Quordle #96 answer for April 30

SPOILER ALERT. Do not read ahead if you do not want the answer to today’s Quordle. You have been warned.

The four words in today’s Quordle are:





We hope you were able to survive this nightmare.

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