Quordle 97 answer for May 1: Confounding combo! Check Quordle hints, solutions now


Quordle 97 answer for May 1: Quordle has bring a confouding combo of words that make it difficult to maintain your winning streak.. Check these Quordle hints, and solutions now.

Quordle 97 answer for May 1: The Quordle solution is easy and tough at the same time today. How so? The words are easy, but they are tough to make association with, at least that is what we experienced. You won’t be able to crack it in a snap! And that’s what Quordle is about, isn’t it? Making things tougher than they have to be! For the uninitiated, Quordle wants you to guess 4 words in just 9 attempts. It is exactly as it sounds – difficult. But that is what tests your skills as you have to think simultaneously for all 4 words of today’s Quordle. Today, two of these words are common- what you use in your daily life. The word in the right-lower corner though, may make you lose your winning streak. And that’s why we are here! To help you reach all Quordle 97 solutions. So, here are a few Quordle hints and solutions you should try. Do note that, we try to ensure that the Quordle hints are in a spoiler-free zone for you. Read on.

Quordle 97 hints for May 1

Quordle 97 solutions have a set of common as well uncommon words. That means you can easily crack a few words from it but unusual ones will throw you very near the 9th attempt! Which can definitely be dangerous for your winning streak. But to help you out, we have listed five possible hints to let you think in the right direction and save your limited attempts. Check the Quordle 97 hints below.

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Quordle 97 clues for May 1

  1. The words have used only three vowels.
  2. The vowels O and U are missing.
  3. The first and third words have repetitive letters.
  4. The words start with C, C, G, H.
  5. One of the words is related to certain type of movies or shows.

That’s it! The last hint almost revealed one of the words! Hope these hints have helped you get closer to your solutions. But if hints aren’t enough and your struggle is still on, then go ahead and check the Quordle 97 answers.

Quordle #97 answer for May 1

SPOILER ALERT! This section is meant to reveal the solutions of Quordle. If you are still trying, then do not read ahead. The answers are right after this..

And, the solutions for today’s Quordle 97 are:

  1. CLACK
  2. CRIME
  3. GENRE
  4. HAREM

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day for you while engaging with Quordle. We will be back with more hints and clues for Quordle 98.

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