Solar Eclipse 2022: What time does the solar eclipse start? Check NOW


Solar Eclipse 2022: Today is the first partial solar eclipse of the year. But what time does the solar eclipse start? Find out.

Today, the first solar eclipse of the year will be witnessed on Earth. In just a few hours from now, different regions of the world will see the lunar disk cover the Sun and cause a partial night-like condition. While the solar eclipse will not be visible from India, various parts of the world such as parts of South America, Antarctica and the Pacific and Atlantic oceans. People in India can still take a look at this rare phenomenon online as many YouTube channels will be broadcasting the event Live. But the question is, what time does the solar eclipse start and at what time should you be expecting it. If you’re wondering about the same, read on.

Solar eclipse time

The solar eclipse starts at 6:45 PM GMT (12:15 AM IST) tonight. The first to witness this event will be astronomy enthusiasts in the far southeastern Pacific near the coast of Antarctica. The maximum eclipse, the peak point of the solar eclipse, will happen a couple of hours later at 20:41 GMT (2:11 AM IST). It will finally end at 22:37 GMT (4:07 AM IST).

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People who are interested in watching the solar eclipse online up close, they can do so at the website by clicking the link here. The solar eclipse live stream time starts at 19:30 GMT (1:00 AM IST).

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