Surprise! Another MAJOR iOS 16 update for iPhones coming in 2023


iPhone users will soon get push notifications for websites via Safari with the iOS 16 update in 2023.

Various Apple iOS 16 updates over the last few months have rolled out a number of new features for iPhone users such as the ability to personalize the Lock Screen, edit or unsend an iMessage, improvements to the Photos app, and always-on-display changes exclusive to the new iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max. If you thought that these updates will stop any time soon, then think again. Why? Because Apple has a surprise iOS 16 update for iPhone users in 2023.

As per a report by MacRumors, Apple has plans to bring a major upgrade for iPhones with the latest iOS 16 update. The report says that Apple has plans to roll out a Mac-like support for Safari and push notifications on iPhones. You will soon receive push notifications for your favorite websites via Safari. This must be noted that this feature is already available for the MacBook users, that too with an option to customize the notifications. Now, iPhone users will enjoy the same feature in 2023.

It was initially teased during in June, 2022. However, it is one of the much-awaited features in 2023 for customers as well as website makers and companies.

What more is coming in iOS 16 update

You can expect to see some other features with the newer updates of iOS 16 in 2023. The report says that features such as the Advanced Data Protection will be expanded into more countries, physical security keys for Apple ID, and much more can be rolled out in 2023. However, none of these were previewed back in June.

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Currently, Apple is testing iOS 16.3 with developers and public beta testers which will now be released in the early 2023.

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