Tech News LIVE Updates Today: Solar storms, asteroids, NASA to iQOO 9T


A solar storm is expected to hit the Earth today

According to, a solar storm is likely to hit the Earth today. It is caused by fast moving solar winds that escaped from the atmosphere of the Sun. Read more about it here:

A gigantic asteroid, 1,200-feet wide, is hurtling towards the Earth today

The last few days have seen asteroid activity increase exponentially. Last weekend, two massive asteroids zoomed past the Earth on consecutive days and our planet just narrowly escaped the event. And now, continuing the asteroid bombardment, NASA has confirmed that yet another asteroid will be approaching the Earth today, August 3. And this asteroid might be the most dangerous of them all. Details here:

iQOO 9T Review is here; Know if you should invest in the smartphone

In our review, we found the iQOO 9T to be a performance-heavy beast but not very “fun”. Check here:

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