These NEW YouTube tools are here to take action against spam and fake accounts!



Worrying about your YouTube account security? Don’t worry! These new YouTube tools will help you out.

In an attempt to deal with the rising cases of spam and account hijacking cases, YouTube has taken action. To cut down on comment spam and channel impersonations, YouTube has rolled out a couple of new tools and settings.

One of these is the new moderation setting for comments that will allow creators to increase the strictness while filtering them. These new settings will hold inappropriate comments which will be reviewed later. It is especially designed to reduce spam and identity abuse comments on YouTube. However, YouTube has made it clear that it is an alternative option to manually filtering comments or switching them off completely.

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Besides this, YouTube has also rolled out another option that is to knock-off the rising cases of fake YouTube channels that try to masquerade as the real one. It clarifies that YouTube Creators will no longer be able to hide their subscriber counts. The reason behind this is to not let the fake account holders use these tactics to bring more followers to them. The video-sharing platform acknowledged that it understood that some YouTube creators prefer to keep their number of subscribers private, but these new changes will help transform YouTube into a safer space for everyone.

Not just that, YouTube is also reducing the characters that YouTube users can use when updating a channel name in an order to prevent bad actors from using special characters to clone the official page names, and escape the algorithm. This strategy will reduce the number of fake YouTube accounts.

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How to keep your YouTube account secured

However, to keep your YouTube account safe, it suggests you to do a regular security check. This can help you get personalized security recommendations for your account. This includes adding your recovery phone number and email address to block someone suspicious from your account or recover it if you’re ever locked out. Also, 2-Step Verification helps prevent a hacker from getting into your account. YouTube suggests keeping your browser updated to keep it safe from attack of hackers. Keep your software updated and backup your account regularly.


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