This Yellow Brick Road under water leads to long lost Atlantis? Scientists find THIS strange rock formation in the ocean


Yellow Brick Road at the bottom of the ocean? A group of explorers and scientists have found a rock formation near Hawaii that could be the road to Atlantis. This strange structure has puzzled everyone. Check what it is.

A group of marine scientists may just have found the road to Atlantis, the legendary underwater city which is said to be filled with riches and marvels unimaginable to us. While it is just a myth, the idea of Atlantis has always fascinated the minds of millions of people. So, when researchers found a strange rock formation that has been termed as a yellow brick road, in the ocean bed near Hawaii, it was unsurprisingly one of the first connections that was made. The famous yellow brick road from Wizard of Oz was the second reference that was made. Then there is rocker Elton John’s album and song Goodbye Yellow Brick Road. But, what exactly is this rock formation and what does it signify? Read on to find out.

Scientists find strange rock formations in ocean bed

A group of marine scientists who were on-board the Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus, came across this enormous structure. They were trying to remotely observe the underwater structures. These underwater structures are known as seamounts. Seamounts are nothing but mountains formed by volcanic activities.

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These scientists document everything that they find and research. This includes video footage from the underwater world. These videos are captured by remote vehicles that are sent to the seabed, which is their field. In one such footage, which was uploaded on Youtube, the scientists were observing the geological developments and picking up rocks with the help of a robotic arm. Interestingly, the scientists observed a pattern of cracks in the ocean bed which seems to be quite similar to a man-made road that consists of rectangular blocks separated with the help of straight lines and right angles. This formation is indeed very different and distinct, in comparison to the rest of the formless seabed. It makes you wonder if the tales about Atlantis were actually true.

One of the scientists exclaimed, “It’s the road to Atlantis!” while another one compared it with the story of ‘WIzard of Oz’, a famous children’s story, and called the formation ‘the yellow brick road’. Nevertheless, the most favourable answer to such a development is that the rock formation is an example of ancient active volcanic geology. This justification was found in a description that was posted by the E/V Nautilus’ YouTube channel.

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