URGENT Google Chrome update for Mac rolled out to fix bug being exploited in the wild


Google Chrome has rolled an URGENT update for Mac to fix a bug. Know how to do it manually.

Google has rolled out another urgent update for Google Chrome browser, to patch the zero-day vulnerability in the Mac. The Stable Channel Update version 100.0.4898.127, on macOS comes with a pair of security fixes, including a “type confusion” vulnerability listed as CVE-2022-1364. The search engine giant has mentioned that the bug is already being exploited in the wild and is actively being used by attackers. It further states that the bug can cause Chrome to crash or allow arbitrary code to be executed. Hence, Google has to issue the second emergency update of this Spring for Google Chrome.

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The bug CVE-2022-1364 is a type of Google Chrome bug similar to CVE-2022-1096 bug that Google patched on March 26 for Mac version 99.0.4844.84. It can cause a browser to crash or trigger an error that can allow arbitrary code to be executed.Google wrote, “With a type-confusion flaw, a program will allocate a resource like a pointer or object using one type but later will access the resource using another, incompatible type. In some languages, like C and C++, the vulnerability can result in out-of-bounds memory access.”

According to the Center for internet security, these bugs can give access to attackers and allow them to view, change or delete data depending on the privileges associated with the application.

But, the new Google Chrome update will fix the bug. The macOS users will install the new version manually. Here’s how to install new Google Chrome.

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