What is the difference between an asset and a liability?


In sports you learn something I’ll just meet up with nothing man so that soothes but I think the one thing I would say be well-versed and just begin to learn anything life to that you before it feels like just you just to do yes think that’s the only one is right now NCOs right yes I di L deeds what business intelligence development studio or something I think SSO I think I did city pasture you Oh skills I think that any three units Ling is or drinking so have a canoe does not sure actually a couple of skills need to have communication is one of them.

I used to be the person who would just okay as far as I could my data to talk then I didn’t need what no that’s not it she has to learn how to communicate because business we definitely ask you so you can’t just give a couple of people form okay for example loan product sim or how if ice clapper dots is doing can’t just you know tell them to cut data can’t you see that this by is higher and his decease two Grammies dispersed club buying this histogram is higher than the rest what does that means them he has to learn how to communicate and how many kids will be Connie’s absolute communication clear concise concrete I think quite concise and concrete communication with the next person and then okay so and also you need to learn how to ask questions insulin like nobody gets that I don’t think anybody get that or helping you or you should just men to ask questions and also please are they asking portions beings Christy by Laini and then please as the difference.

I feel like effect Akash I’ve seen no documents you will forget about things you clear everything like as far as you leave them for two days and dangling something else I’m not saying that you cannot II know you forget to document the design I don’t leave documentation is a skill but you should be asked you that you have documents everything that documents and then document some more because you okay so you cannot meet this person asked the person in the specialty but I keep asking same questions over and over again either surface after an I forgot nobody would answer you so please documents ask questions communique and be open to learning what devices in Italy I think the very important skills you excellent so I’m an old-school person when it comes to documentation it means that.

I have one huge book and then my notes book on my system on my PC if you go to my notebooks you just see even if it’s two lines or tights hotels and what I’m looking for then I have in this book a huge nose week where I write everything down like as you’re talking to me as I’m in a meeting write everything down even if things you think I’m not necessary I write them down in Daniels book from my sick I save my sticky notes for these three months so even if I put a sticky note my systems remember okay Jesus I puts it in that book or I trans five to notepad on my system so please leave messes and crashes that we talk we shuffle books anyways but I like to document I have a book I also use notes in this book up on my Thomas’s PC and when all fails I use notepad just document and write things down and then on your screen there’s a bunch of sticky notes everywhere just to remember to document the reason why he famous.

There are no white faces I can search tree condition bio a keyword okay learn how to create partitions for Kim for example know something I kept forgetting for just one example some that kept forgetting I would sit down and I have a step by step even if your step one open the application step soon good see this icon and click on this icon no he means it’s really really important so use whatever is on your system what the whole thing with the system is you want to try to send it to the cloud as soon as possible just in case something happens to your system so you don’t need everything you’ve worked for months or years or so that’s the pace with the competition you.

I’m sorry I need a what you say please who this is a girl or a guy asking question Chris cacique basically so it depends on what way are points for me I think I went to class dog jobs or Glassdoor is a jobs Glassdoor I think I heard about the interview process that’s okay for me I didn’t take the data Sciences interview I suggest software developers interview which for me was kind of harder so did Simcoe interview was like so I came and it was a pen and paper situation where do you ask you okay so write down or write this down and develop this something like figure this out I write down a pen a paper for me that was the census you know that Python is not like everybody else I just Django or something else and can do really cute you know wrangling and everything my interview after is that stage and can I just say Bailey is the best age because I was a software developer.

I was qualified he loves being the scientist and a race to the next stage which was an interview with my team the same I will be joining so they asked me what my skills were what that during connected em some works so I didn’t eat a duck crying still now I don’t think I have anything on my Github ID having been like it so I had lots of stuff on Google collab so all I had to do was log on to my phone and just like yeah the points are transferred to be a system like okay so here’s some links he has some things I’ve done to hear these exactly.

I just showed them some bit busy defecting things are done so models are trained and all of that’s that’s the first order first step of but step one past be of the integral I did the next one is the interview with the group text hello technology and then the third one was an interview with the gym but in all of these I think going shoe asking people on LinkedIn that works at Instituto I still working at inter-switch at the role I was coming in us even if you don’t see someone walk in and true you’re coming in us you see someone who actually something similar like for example if you want to get the design job you can ask you software Dave or interview today you can find me ok the scientists they ask a substrate a book you learn have you like what did you do what did he ask you.

I think research is just the whole thing ask people questions go online glass door is one so oh it’s one research rather and I know that has helped a lot of people because you are we encouraged to be really am to be open because you are known you must and how your interview was pay everything I think I found everything on Gaston so that was helped me prepare so there’s no one’s on stop shop to prepare and rest most likely against Terry O’Keefe and codependent beep our show me your work just to pay for all of that you know extra groundwork stuff that’s you yeah yeah yeah sorry I saw some you okay so he came here okay.

I think I’ve said too much once we good sir so like I said thank you so much Jennifer and you can come over to Jen I’ve had about two Jennifer’s don’t interfere on our blog to learn more about Jennifer and of course the work she is doing and as well I think the next time this is going to be happening is going to be on 4th of April but that’s where we are going to be having some of our other guest speakers hold on please let me just advocate today some of our other guests because this was Jennifer stone come talk to us and we’ll just be showing us briefly all right so I’m just going to be showing us briefly some of the guest speakers and the dates they are going to be dialing in so that we can be well prepared and tell those interested.

These are current guest speakers we have I think they want from the 24th is dr. surpassed in Russia is the assistant professor of statistics at the University of Wisconsin and of course if you’re not new to the Python machine learning space, of course, he probably must know one of the most popular books on Python machine learning Python machine handbook and here, he’ll be dialing in on the 24th of April and on the same 24th we are actually going to be hosting already on Jerome who of course is a former product manager YouTube product manager he walked on he led a team that worked on the classification algorithm for YouTube, of course, activities he was he started the Pioneer he started finance which is going him along with the Google reality of a few years back and is also the best-selling author of the hands-on machinery we scikit-learn tens of new books so they are going to he is going to be done in our 24th or so we are going to of course hear how this would work so is either he speaks in the morning.

Dr. Sebastian Rushka dies in the tiny day or anyways just follow our you boost to get to learn more about that alright thank you so much for dialing in today and of course if you have any insight you share and media toggles that we are a Ph.D. school of air just down here see our social media handle yeah you can toggle I go there and of course, they did the hash luckily causes the PML cost hashtag p.m. instead so we’ll be happy to read your insights just for visibility just hear what you learned and of course, Jennifer is I think Jennifer’s handle is our case of Jennifer’s and is that underscore Jennifer Jennifer on the spot eBay if you want to follow her on Twitter she’s there on Twitter you can just yeah okay so it’s Jenny found us called eBay for for for that as well.

what are we find we have waste innovation we differ then we can possibly see in what questions should be but I think I got a source menu dinner by Timothy Thomas parks industry compared to now well you just okay so why should we just – just googled that’s one we just gonna just check with nineteen get a sense so let’s see what we have in so have kuna by also cause nineteen data sets, okay so this is what we have okay so if you can see this first one let’s see what I want is all about let’s see how those detectives I think us so – building on our way okay it’s not one I was hoping for so yeah they have four different countries.

I think I tell you should go it’s the one from carbon let’s hope it alone so just add carbon there are some Jonah needs okay yeah now this one is separating the casings this one I wanted us to use words if we hold sick of what we are trying to do what we’re trying to experiment on this one of the cases are being separated if not going to denies but I want everything’s being warm then from that single the benefit we try to see the confirms case in with no more death anniversary we are separated in a sense for us but technology can copy this out little glands in kind of light but I think cuddly that say they have all of them in one so that’s one way of doing let’s just use the best not uses this one is constantly updated every day.

So they rise from the very face of the convenience of the Puna boya stand soon even’s be I guess they might have updated what about kisses live my college through its conservative is now ready to use it but last night I thought of it and said okay for the sake of all walls do this dataset won’t really be nice so let’s just use one for carbon now you guys know about carbon wells and all copies is for whatever you have an idea about it or explain or that’s nice yes mine is a playground when clicking on that actually fish in the morning for this assignment they gave us to mention any competition there so you have a lot of people a lot of do that so you can go ahead pick up so the awesome tutorial.