Which clinical trial innovation startups will present at INVEST PharmaTech Pitch Perfect?

Finish line ahead

Finish line ahead

Drug developers want to speed up recruitment and retention of clinical trial participants. This is one area ripe for innovation, where need and demand intersect. At MedCity INVEST PharmaTech, the free virtual conference scheduled for July 26, the Pitch Perfect contest will highlight startups developing solutions to support innovative clinical trials.

The Pitch Perfect event will give startups the opportunity to present their approaches to clinical trial innovation to a team of investor judges who will ask a series of questions for each entrepreneur who presents. The winner will receive an editorial profile published in MedCity News.

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The Pitch Perfect judges include:

  • Cris De Luca, Partner, Digital, Sanofi Ventures
  • Jessica Federer, Partner, Boston Millennia Partners
  • Joel Krikston, Managing Director Venture Investments & Head of Strategic Innovation Alliances, Merck Global Health Innovation Fund
  • Maxim Owen, Venture Partner, Wavemaker Three-Sixty Health

Here is a look at the startups taking part:

BeCareLink is a platform for quantifying progression in chronic neurologic disorders employing a gamified mobile app for AI-enabled neurologic assessment. ​Delayed detection of subtle changes in neurologic function can negatively affect patient outcomes. The BeCareLink platform delivers a remote quantitative assessment of neurologic function with Al analysis. This analysis uses data from a gamified mobile app and other digital biomarkers, such as a novel pulmonary device. The analysis provides HCPs and investigators with a more sensitive, comprehensive neurological assessment earlier, faster, more reliably and conveniently than a standard clinical assessment. The solution has demonstrated convergent validity with traditional neurological exams in studies at Yale and Weill-Cornell.

Climb’s platform puts trial operations on rails so study teams can succeed without needing a massive ops team to do so. Climb’s task-oriented dashboards keep the study unblocked and their partner ecosystem supercharges clinics large and small. Partnering with Climb helps companies bring novel treatments to market faster by making it easy to run clinical trials in more markets than ever before.

EpHealth is a platform for decentralized clinical trials that can unlock patient recruitment in primary healthcare.

HumanFirst empowers biopharma companies to unlock better research for all humans, sooner. HumanFirst is propelling the industry forward by enabling the planning, integration and analysis of wearables and sensors into clinical trials. HumanFirst has helped 22 of the 25 largest pharmaceutical companies in the world identify the right clinical measures, cross referencing proposed digital measures against thousands of past studies. It also helps companies hone in on the right wearables through a searchable database that is updated daily with evidence regarding 1500+ digital sensors and nearly 10,000 different measures.

Vistim Labs Inc.’s high resolution cognition monitoring helps pharmaceutical companies develop treatments for neurological disorders. The lack of sensitive, objective methods to measure cognitive function in patients with neurological disorders makes clinical trials and drug development lengthy, costly, and often yield low-quality data. Vistim Labs solves this problem with CASBA — a high resolution cognition monitoring product which is used to identify and include early disease participants, and to meaningfully power clinical trials. The CASBA artificial intelligence biomarker system uses stimulated brain activity to directly and objectively measure real-time cognitive changes that were previously imperceivable. The system is ready for use in research and validation studies.

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