Which Logistics Company Is Best For Pharmaceutical Logistics?

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The global pharmaceutical logistics business is fragmented, with several small and large competitors. A secure pharmaceutical supply chain and cloud-based supply chain solutions are two areas in which these firms are buying market share. In addition, only one client category exists in this market: the pharmaceutical makers industry. As a result, the international pharmaceutical logistics market and the global pharmaceutical producers’ segment are sometimes disintegrated.

For 3PL logistics companies, the main concern is the product diversification of pharmaceutical companies. Due to the ongoing evolution of pharmaceutical goods, these evaluations will often alter the product portfolio of pharmaceutical players. As each product necessitates a different mode of delivery and pharma warehouse, the 3PL participants’ efficiency will be impacted by the portfolio’s regular changes.

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Why are Pharma Logistics Companies Important in India? 

The Indian pharma logistics industry has been instrumental in guaranteeing the timely delivery of crucial goods throughout the nationwide lockdown caused by the virus. The industry is doing an excellent job of upholding its duty to monitor the security and safety of its front-line employees. At the same time, its industry’s operational shortcomings are more apparent than ever.

This is where the best logistics companies in India come in. To transfer from one location to another, pharmaceutical items need to follow the rules established by the Indian government and with extra care. Delivering pharmaceutical items requires a 360-degree fulfilment of these compliances.

Some of the best pharma logistics companies in India help meet all the requirements for transporting pharmaceutical products and offer pharma companies the most cost-effective, efficient, and secure logistical solutions, ranging from retail logistics to door-to-door logistics service.

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Why are some features of the best Pharma Logistics company in India? 

Ability to Control Temperature

Whether pharmaceuticals or equipment, healthcare and pharmaceutical items need the right environment in transit and storage. If you are looking for a reliable 3PL company, Varuna Group is an excellent one! It complies with these standards by following the laws and its temperature-controlled vehicles and storage guarantee the consignment’s safe arrival.

Added-Value Services

The best pharma logistics companies in India offer a comprehensive variety of services, including customised labelling, kitting, and repacking of the consignment.

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Systematic Procedures

The best 3PL companies have embraced the international norm of FEFO (First Expired, First Out) and strictly adhere to it to maintain the entire consignment’s quality.

Covid-19 has presented the logistics industry with new obstacles. To emerge more potent in the aftermath of a crisis, it is vital to reconsider and reinvent operational models and be resilient in the face of one. This is why 3PL companies today are prioritising improving the process, technical, and human skills. This has made it possible for them to lessen the pandemic’s risks and difficulties. Here are some steps that have been followed:

People and goods’ safety

Safety and security has taken a stern position regarding the application and observance of health and safety regulations throughout the business. To promote social isolation, companies have made flexible working arrangements possible. 

Workforce development

The employees in the industry are receiving sufficient training on pertinent health and hygiene measures, and compliance with these requirements have been made essential. 

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Online aptitudes

The best pharma logistics companies in India have been utilising technology to give their clients real-time insight and transparency. 

From temperature-controlled to general category items, companies today provide their clients  with the best safety and dependability. As a result, major pharmaceutical firms in India turn to them for secure, cost-effective, and quick logistics solutions.

If you are looking for a 3PL company to partner with, reach out to Varuna Group today!