Why Fake Gurus are Dominating the Market?


There is always a difference between a guy who teaches a student and a guru who teaches a student in exchange for money? Why fake gurus are dominating the market?

From my experience, I have realized the difference between a fake guru and a real guru. It is easy to get become of these victims nowadays.

All of this because they slightly know better than you in some particular field. But that doesn’t make them eligible to teach us.

What do we Expect from Them?

I am sharing my experience as I have bought an expensive course online. I have a lot of expectations from it. But when I saw the first few modules I realized what was going to be there in that course.

Of course, I had bought the course by looking at special benefits and features and words like 7 days money-back guarantee and 6 months fail-proof guarantee and? they don’t worth this price money.

But why we get trapped in these fake gurus. It because of the powerful advertising network of Google and social media platforms like Facebook. They know how to use it. (here they are what they are better in) But do they teach what they say in their ads?

The answer is no?

They don’t care about you. if you succeed somehow they will take your testimonial and show it to their new targeted audience. but if you don’t they are sorry for your loss.

But how they able to use such a powerful advertising platform? Well, this is the reason why we give money to teach us? But we get is a ton of content on us to consume and what is the result of that? Well, what we have learned in the past we forgot and ultimately fail?

But how can we protect ourselves from such gurus?

The answer is how much you know and your experience in this field? You have to take some losses initially to get some relevant experience. It was safe to follow someone who is at least inherited a million in online advertising. But the second question arises?

How can we buy those premium courses which are such high ticket value?

The easy answer to this is to start with watching youtube. Youtube is an awesome place to learn all the stuff that you wanted to? it’s not important to buy such expensive courses. The second solution is to do a job in a digital marketing agency.

this will allow you to get some experience and will help you understand the concepts that such gurus teach in their online courses so that you can get the maximum of their course. So I would recommend starting learning using free methods.

Open a youtube channel, start a blog on your favorite topic. Follow your competitors, subscribe to their email list and follow their youtube channels.

This is will help you get exposure to digital marketing and you will be safe instead of crying on getting no value and information on buying these expensive high ticket programs.

From my experience, I would say watch these youtube channels because the free content that these gurus give in the free tutorial is far much original and valued and real as compared to their paid courses in exchange for their money.

Starting subscribing to all of your favorite digital marketing and start subscribing to other channels and implement their free guides and traffic methods so that you can start your online journey.