Why Marketers Need Influencers?


As marketers and people, we know the best content is helpful, inspiring, and entertaining. It
makes us want to share, join, and participate.

That type of content comes from authenticity and is founded in the way humans speak to other humans. It’s natural, genuine, and sincere. It helps form connections.

On the flip side, we have the way brands and businesses typically speak to people, or as they
refer to them as “consumers,” “leads,” or “targets.” It feels different already, doesn’t it? It’s no
wonder so many brands have a difficult time getting their content to make an impact.

But it’s not their fault, at least, not entirely.

Brands and businesses aren’t human. They’re brands. That’s why they need influencers because people talking to people resonates deeper than a company talking to a target.

Defining Influencers

When you think of influencers, the first thing that comes to mind is probably a Kardashian, a
sports star, or some other celebrity. Each of those is influencers, but they’re only the tip of
the iceberg.

Those A-list, multi-million-follower influencers have influence mostly because of how different
their worlds are from ours and we’re curious.

Celebrity influencers derive their influence from a mass following of curious people. We pay
attention to the things they do and say, places they go, clothes they wear, cars they drive, and
products they use because it’s so far outside of our normal everyday lives. It’s interesting,
baffling, and, in a way, entertaining.

Still, if an A-list celebrity uses your product in an Instagram video and millions of their followers see it and go to your website, well, that can be valuable. That’s an influential impact.
That impact is why major brands like Nike and Pepsi partner with them, but that’s just the tip of the influencer iceberg.

There are many types and levels of influencers that can make an impact, depending on your goals and objectives. Other influencers may not be world-renowned but have built a personal reputation with their audiences in a specific field or topic, such as cooking, travel, gaming, parenting, technology the list is endless.

We follow these influencers because of how much we have in common with them. They are
prolific content creators, posting regularly on topics we’re interested in and want to learn more about or enjoy exploring.

These people have developed credibility in their subject matter and amassed like-minded
individuals across their preferred social media channels. Those channels are where they have
the most influence.

Because of their consistency and high content quality, they’ve earned an enthusiastic, engaged following of people who pay attention to their views and take their recommendations and preferences seriously. When they recommend a product, service, event, or organization, their followers, who trust them immensely, will give it serious consideration.

What do you know about Accidental Influencer?

That’s influential. Another type of influencer is the “accidental influencer.” These are the ones that make the headlines and drive marketers crazy with their overnight “virality” that has clients and bosses asking, “How do we do that?”

These “influencers” are average people creating content on their own social media pages, just
like you or I; when something they do or create strikes a chord among the public and they
become overnight sensations. As dramatic as this is, it happens with a rare frequency.

An example of this is Ocean Spray Cranberry juice influencer, Nathan Apodaca. Apodaca, aka
TikTok user doggface208 had a few hundred followers on his channel the day he was driving
his truck to work in Idaho when it broke down. Undaunted, he grabbed his Oceanspray
Cranberry juice, selfie-stick, longboard skateboard and proceeded to work. Then it got

As he skated, holding his selfie stick and drinking his Ocean Spray, he lip-synced to Fleetwood
Mac’s “Dreams” and posted it on his TikTok account.

To many of us, it was sensational that he could skateboard, drink a big bottle of juice, lip-sync
perfectly and hold a selfie stick all at the same time. Not only that, but he did it with a relaxed
and endearing charm that caused users to share his video like wildfire.

From just a few hundred original viewers, his video went on to generate over 12 million views
and vaulted him, Ocean Spray, and even Fleetwood Mac into the forefront of U.S. news for
weeks. TikTok even used him in marketing materials jobs.

Celebrity and viral influencers are unattainable for most of us, but there is an entire world of influencers in the middle of the spectrum ripe for the picking. That’s where we’re going to