Wordle 326 answer for May 11: It’s an uphill battle! Wordle answer and hints


Wordle 326 answer for May 11: You may have solved hundreds of Wordle puzzles, perhaps more, but a new one still manages to generate uncertainty in the mind. But only for a short time. Check Wordle answer, hints to zero-in on the fix.

Wordle 326 answer for May 11: An interesting thing happened on Monday. The New York Times pulled the official answer for Wordle 324 and replaced it with a different word. While regular players of the game did know this, people who kept track of the game’s source code noticed it immediately. Later, the NYT released a statement where the publication said that the word was removed to keep the game “distinct from the news”. The removed word was FETUS, and given the current situation in the USA regarding the abortion law, Wordle decided to remove it. NYT also stated that it is actively working to ensure that Wordle’s technology can be revamped and improved. So, is Wordle 2.0 on the cards? Time will tell. But what time cannot tell you is the Wordle answer today. So, check our Wordle hints, clues and solution to get to the answer swiftly.

Wordle 326 hints for May 11

Thankfully, today’s word is from the official list, but that is not too much to rejoice. Because the word is quite difficult. Not only is it an uncommon word, it also uses two letters which are not frequently used. So, to guess today’s word, you need to run your brain on all four cylinders. But don’t worry, before we go to our clues today, here is an additional hint to make your guessing game stronger. Today’s word is a phonetic rhyme of ‘wars’. Now let’s check the Wordle clues.

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1. Wordle clues for May 11

2. Today’s word has two vowels.

3. The word begins with F.

4. The word ends with E.

5. The other vowel is A.

6. Biggest clue: The word is a genre of comedy that seeks to entertain an audience through situations that are highly exaggerated and ridiculous.

Honestly, we could not give you more clues even if we wanted to. Go on and give the game a try. We are sure you will get it with ease. However, if there is still some doubt in your head, scroll down for the answer.

Wordle 326 answer for May 11

SPOILER ALERT! Do not read any further if you are not looking for the answer to today’s Wordle.

This is your last chance to turn back or you may spoil the answer for today’s puzzle.

Today’s word is FARCE. It means, “an event or situation that is absurd or disorganized”. We hope you were able to guess it correctly and save your streak.

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