Wordle 373 answer for June 27: 5 Wordle hints that should deliver the solution


Wordle 373 answer for June 27: Bring a spark to your Monday by getting today’s Wordle answer right quickly. Check these Wordle hints and clues provided here for the same.

Wordle 373 answer for June 27: Today is going to be a hat-trick of difficult Wordle words to guess. If you have survived the last two Wordle challenges and have maintained your winning streak, then don’t get overconfident as you have a tough one to crack today too. Also, if you have already wasted a couple of your attempts and have not come up with a proper answer, then it is time that you stop making random guesses. All you need is a few hints and clues to keep you going in the right direction. Here are the top 5 Wordle 373 hints and clues that you can consider to get through today’s challenge by making all letter boxes go green.

Wordle 373 hints for June 27

Well, today’s Wordle word is not something that you have not heard often enough. However, the word is rarely used in day-to-day communication and that too especially in the fashion industry. Yes, you got your first hint! You can also know that the letters used in today’s word are also common. Hence, check the Wordle 373 hints and clues here, and try summing them up to come up with the right answer.

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Wordle 373 clues for June 27

1. The 5 letter Wordle word begins with the letter R.

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2. There are two vowels in today’s Wordle word.

3. One of the alphabets used in the word repeats itself.

4. The word ends with a vowel O.

5. Biggest hint — It is something that refers to old!

Relax and concentrate, you have the Wordle 373 hints and clues in your hand. Just check them carefully and make wise guesses. However, if you’re still struggling to get through the Wordle challenge, check the answer below.

Wordle 373 answer for June 27

WARNING! You are recommended not to read ahead if you do not want to know the answer and spoil your game. This is your last chance to turn back and give it a try as the answer is right below.

Today’s Wordle 373 word is RETRO. It is an adjective and means, “having the appearance of something that existed in the past,” according to the Cambridge Dictionary. We hope the hints and clues help you a bit to solve the Wordle challenge. You can come back again tomorrow for the next Wordle challenge.

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