World’s most expensive lunch? Elon Musk, Bernard Arnault meet in Paris



Elon Musk and Bernard Arnault, the richest and second-richest in the world respectively, met for lunch in Paris on Friday, doing so at a luxury hotel ahead of a technology conference being hosted by an Arnault-owned company, where Musk is scheduled to speak.

Elon Musk (right) and Bernard Arnault in Paris (Image courtesy: Instagram/Antoine Arnault)
Elon Musk (right) and Bernard Arnault in Paris (Image courtesy: Instagram/Antoine Arnault)

According to Forbes’ Real-Time Billionaires List, the Tesla CEO and Twitter owner has a net worth of $236.9 billion, while that for the Louis Vitton Founder-CEO is estimated at $233.4 billion. The Bloomberg Billionaires Index, on the other hand, estimates their fortunes at $233 billion and $202 billion, the highest on their list as well.

Over the past few months, the two have traded the no.1 spot, with Musk again overtaking Arnault on the last day of May.

The meeting

As per Bloomberg, they met at Cheval Blanc, a luxury hotel chain that comes under the Louis Vitton conglomerate. While Arnault, 74, was accompanied by his sons Antoine and Alexandre, Musk, 51, came with mother Maye Musk.

While the exact purpose of the meeting was not known, the Louis Vitton CEO, who is from France, told a news channel ahead of the lunch that the South African-born US entrepreneur is an ‘exceptional entrepreneur’ and they know each other.

Elon Musk in France

During his visit, he also met French President Emmanuel Macron to discuss setting up a Tesla factory in the country. Macron tweeted a photo of their meeting with the caption ‘Let’s work together ! #ChooseFrance.’

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