Zoom App Work-From-Home Plus! Check out the list of benefits


New Zoom App features have improved collaboration and creativity in meetings as companies shift beyond the Work-From-Home rule.

Zoom is rolling out a bunch of new fun features to increase engagement among meeting attendees as hybrid work in companies grows beyond the earlier work-from-home rule. The video calling platform has introduced Collaborate Mode and Breakout Rooms to improve collaboration and creativity in meetings. While Collaborate Mode will allow hosts to start a creative experience for participants, breakout Rooms will give attendees closed-off discussion spaces where people can have a more focused conversation. Check out the list of features rolled out by the Zoom app. 

Zoom new features Zoom 


Miro is an online whiteboard that will allow Zoom call participants to launch a collaborative workspace for everyone to interact, co-create, and capture ideas in real-time. There are templates available for structured discussion or to let people freely play around with various visual tools. 

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Also Read: Zoom App Work-From-Home Plus! Check out the list of benefits

Coda app for Zoom 

This feature will enable teammates to collaborate with you by keeping meeting attendees on the same page and letting their voices be heard without opening another tab. The platform has also added #AskAway feature allowing participants to show off what they know about one another or have fun guessing. 

Zoom Breakout rooms 

Zoom is also bringing another important feature called Breakout Rooms, where participants can break into smaller groups for focused discussions or tightknit collaboration. 

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Zoom Welo 

This will recreate a collaborative space where participants can see everyone as well as move between conversations. 

twine for Zoom 

This is an all-in-one Breakout Room management app that will allow hosts to create rooms based on custom rules, rotate between timed and back-to-back breakouts, chat across rooms, and more.

All the new Zoom features are available inside the app itself or on its App Marketplace.

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